Founded in the 13th century, Nizhny Novgorod offers its visitors so much to explore. When it comes to culture and history the lion’s share of the city’s treasures can be found in the following 5 museums.



In case you are wondering, there are twenty three Kremlins in Russia, so don’t be surprised to find one in almost any major city. The Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1221 and has since become a symbol of the city’s power, because it has never been invaded. Nowadays the Kremlin is not only an administrative and cultural center, but also a key tourist sight. Besides, the Novgorod Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  Address: Gorkovskaya station
  Hours: daily, 6 AM–12 PM


Russian museum of photography

This truly unique museum is the first one in Russia dedicated to the history of photo shooting. Here you can explore the world of photography in fascinating details: from bulky photo apparatuses to the latest and most advanced models. There’s also an ongoing exhibition of contemporary Russian and foreign photographers, where you can admire modern masterpieces, and even purchase them.

  Address: 9a Piskunova Str.
  Hours: Mon–Fri 11 AM–7 PM, Sat–Sun 11 AM–5 PM
  Ticket price: ≈$3


Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum

Founded in 1896 the State Art Museum hosts a collection of over twelve thousand works of Russian and international artists including paintings, sculptures, ancient icons and other art pieces. If you are looking to get acquainted with Russian art, make sure to visit this museum — there is a permanent Russian art exhibition.

  Address: 3 Nizhegorodskiy Kreml,
  3 Verhnevolzhskaya Naberezhnaya
  Hours: daily, 11 AM–6 PM
  Ticket price: ≈$4


Nizhny Novgorod artistic crafts museum

This museum presents the history of Nizhny Novgorod art crafts since the 17th century. Here you can see everything from skillful wood, bone and stone carvings to famous Khokhloma patterns. The museum is decorated in the style of authentic Russian village house — “izba”, you might just feel like you have walked into a Russian fairy tale.

  Address: 43 Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Str.
  Hours: daily, 11 AM–5 PM
  Ticket price: ≈$1


Orthodox Museum

The history of spiritual life in Nizhny Novgorod is presented in the Orthodox Museum, which is located in the Theological Seminary. The exposition takes the visitors through the life of the church and the Nizhny Novgorod diocese. The Life-Giving Cross dated early 17th century is a stunning piece to see, if you do visit.

  Address: 108 Privolzhskaya Sloboda
  Hours: daily, 9 AM–5 PM
  Ticket price: free