Tour is not always something for sunny weather — check out the 3 unusual tours to take even if it’s raining “cats and dogs”

Historical tour

«Secrets of the Underground Königsbergunderground Kaliningrad»

Kaliningrad’s landscape is pierceddotted with ancient security forts, nowadays hidden between modern apartment blocks. However, there is much more than meets the eye, as the city hosts a complex system of hidden underground tunnels. During the “Secrets of the Underground Königsberg” tour, you’ll visit two mysterious structures: Fort No. 3 and the bunker of the city’s last German commandant — General von Läsch, who surrendered the city to the Red Army in 1945.

You’ll have a bus at your disposal to move between the locations, so you won’t have to worry about the weather — however, don’t forget that you’re going to a dark and cold dungeon so grab a warm coat. And comfy shoes. And silver bullets.

  Price: ≈$15

Artistic tour

«Cathedral: Hidden signs and secret doors»

One of the most important locations of ancient Königsberg is the mysterious Cathedral on Kant Island. Cathedral’s artist Vladimir Chilikin is ready to share the secrets of Kant Island with all visitors every Tuesday at 4:30 PM, rain or shine. During the hour and a half tour you will get to know the true meaning of epitaphs and inscriptions on tombstones and get a chance to climb the medieval spiral staircase to the attic top of the cathedral to visit the artist’s unique studio under the roof and enjoy picturesque scenery of the city from the very top.

  Price: ≈$10

Culinary tour

«Fish tour for gourmets»

This guide was meant to satisfy not only spiritual, but physical hunger as well, and for dessert, we have kept the gourmet tour. During the four-hour “Fish tour for gourmets” on Fridays or Sundays you’ll be able to take a boat ride, visit the Museum of the World Ocean and participate in a pelamida stroganina cooking masterclass. You will learn how to prepare stroganina — a fish delicacy popular in Arctic Siberia. There will also be an opportunity to sample the results of the masterclass at one of the local restaurants.

You’ll also get a chance to visit a private smokehouse where you can buy smoked Baltic fish. Moreover, you may take part in real sea fishing, and you’re more than welcome to join tour guides for a stroll along the ports and for the Museum of the World Ocean tour.

  Price: ≈$30 to ≈$60 depending on the options selected you select