Architecture, like fashion, changes through time, constantly evolving and feeding our need for beauty and appreciation. These landmarks will give you an insight into Samara’s architectural past and present.


Chelnyshov’s house

This beautiful Russian-style house, built from ornately shaped red bricks, was designed in the 1880s on request of Mikhail Chelyshov, one of Samara’s tradesmen. Borrowing its forms from Old Russian wooden architecture, it proudly presents tent-like turrets and pointy window moldings inspired by kokoshnik, a traditional Russian female headpiece.

Address60 Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya

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Grinberg’s house

Intricate, provincial, modern – that’s how architects define the style of this 1906 building and former bookshop. The floral motifs on the façade and wall piers topped with lion heads render an art nouveau spirit. The building is crowned with an attic sculpture of a woman’s face, framed with long hair and ribbons.

Address: 98 Ulitsa Molodogvardeyskaya


Subbotin-Markinson’s house

This 1851 originally classic building was completely reconstructed in 1910 into a romantic interpretation of the neo-gothic style with its lancet windows and dynamic spires. The façade décor has obvious artistic merit: colored glazed tiles and two relief female semi-figures make clear references to art nouveau. It’s hard to believe now that it used to be a regular tenement house.

Address30 Ulitsa Alexeya Tolstogo


Marriage registration hall

This solemn registry office, designed in the 1980s made quite an impression at the time with its abstract geometrical forms. It’s a Soviet modernist interpretation of Russian terem, the upper story of a traditional house. Come inside to check out the roof-to-floor stained glass artwork – absolutely gorgeous!

Address238 Ulitsa Molodogvardeyskaya


Isle house

Erected in the 2000s, this residential house surprisingly contributes to Samara’s historical environment, unlike many other contemporary high-rises in town. Architect Sergey Malakhov boldly chose metaphoric modernism, with its seemingly brutal shapes, and visualized it in a light-weighted and ironic building.

Address225-229 Ulitsa Sadovaya