If you are into modern art, photography or theater, we have put together a quick guide of the places you will enjoy in Rostov-on-Don.


Creative space

The global trend of industrial locations being transformed into art clusters, didn’t pass Rostov by. A huge ex-factory turned into a Creative Space. The white hangar is home to the first bike rental in the city, small hipster shops and regular art exhibitions and festivals.

  Address: 52a Ulitsa Suvorova


Ziferblat Anticafe

Ziferblat chain is an international pay per minute «sitting room» concept, where guests pay for the time spent there, rather than the food. Rostov’s branch of Ziferblat, located right in the heart of the city, is a very popular hang-out for creatives of all kinds. The place hosts yoga and dance lessons, screens films and provides numerous board games to its guests. Tea, coffee and cookies are included in the price per minute paid. Speaking of which, the first hour in Ziferblat will cost ≈$2 and every next hour just around a dollar.

  Address: 46 Prospekt Sokolova


Ex-macaroni factory turned into a modern art cluster — 16th Line gallery or, as the locals call it, Makaronka art center. This place brings together modern art exhibitions, a wine bar and restaurant, a library and lecture room, an open terrace on the roof in the summer and much more. It’s a trendy and vibrant place, with peculiar graffiti works on the way in.

  Address: 7a 16 Liniya


Backyard of the Southern Federal University library

The library building adorns the street, but the most interesting sights are hidden away in the backyard. The flip side of the library resembles an ancient Greek sanctuary, with tall columns stretching into the blue sky. A perfect place for a photoshoot.

  Address: 148 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa


18+ Theater

Located next to the 16th Line gallery, at the Makaronka art collective – 18+ Theater is an independent contemporary theater famous in Rostov for its original non-standard performances.

  Address: 8 18 Liniya