A mix of places to visit ranging from super touristy to hidden local best kept secrets.

The Royal Gates in Kaliningrad

One of the seven historical old Königsberg gates and nowadays a symbol of the city. The gates were built in 1850 and resemble a small castle. This road took Prussian kings  to the suburb of Devau to attend military parades; hence the old name of both the street and the gates. They were later turned into a triumphal arch and then restored in 2004. Now, the gates house the “Great Embassy” Historical and Cultural Center devoted to the visit of Peter the Great, and an exhibition on the history of the fortified city.

Lake Poplavok in Kaliningrad

A neat recreation area in Oktyabrsky district called Bread Lake or Twins Lake (German ‘Zwillings See’) by the locals. The latter name became particularly popular due to the two islets in the middle, connected by foot bridges and splitting the lake into parts.

St. Adalbert parish and WWII cemetery in Kaliningrad

If you’re into military history, visit the WWII memorial that was built in memory of the Königsberg residents — victims of the Anglo-American bombings in 1944, and the Wehrmacht soldiers, who died during the attack of the Soviet troops in April 1945. Built in the old cemetery next to St. Adalbert parish, the memorial has a stele and a large Catholic cross in the middle.

The Queen Louise Bridge in Sovetsk

The border road bridge resembling a triumphal arch across the Neman River built in 1904-1907 and named after Louise, the Queen of Prussia (in German ‘Königin-Luise-Brücke’), connects Sovetsk (Russia) and Panemune (Lithuania). As the city symbol, it was depicted on its former emblem.

Murarium in Zelenogradsk

Here’s a chance to see an amazing view of Zelenogradsk and the Baltic Sea from a 40-meter-tall water tower built in 1905. A landmark of the town, it’s the tallest building here and sports its own peculiar style. Reconstructed, now it’s a tourist destination, a cat museum called Murarium and a 360 degree observation deck.

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