It’s not hard to spot an eatery created with love — the unusual and carefully thought-out design and menu, the friendly staff and the ambiance in general. All these features poach customers from chain restaurants to small and unique ones — for modern cafe-flies the atmosphere really matters. If you’re one of those who prefer places with a story, check out our list of cafes with a unique atmosphere in Nizhniy Novgorod.



f you’re toying with the idea of writing your first book, cafe ‘Voilok’ is just the place to begin! Everything here is imbued with inspiration and freedom — the terrace is equipped with hammocks, the cozy dining area is full of laughter and live music and the staff isn’t shackled with imposed restraint. This is the perfect place to feed both the body and the soul. Cafe Voilok’ offers a wide choice of main courses and desserts.

  Menu preview:
  Cesar salad (≈5$)
  Fettuccine (≈7$)
  Ice-cream (≈3$)
  Address: 23, Piskunova Ulitsa
  Hours: 12 AM – 2 AM



This spot positions itself as a place of gastronomic experiments . All their dishes are prepared using the trendy ‘sous vide’ technique — it involves cooking in a vacuum, so all the components just stew in their own juice without losing either flavor or goodness. The menu offers guests an opportunity to get a sneak peak into the cuisine of various European countries in their chef’s own original interpretation; hence, the name ‘Look’.

  Menu preview:
  Salmon Tortilla (≈7$)
  Spicy shrimps (≈9$)
  Beef carpaccio (≈8$)
  Address: 6, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya
  Hours: 12 AM – 12 PM


Mr. Keks

The first espresso bar of it’s kind in the city gives its mostly hipster customers the opportunity to feel like they’re receiving an Oscar — the staff make every guest the centre of attention.  In addition to the friendly atmosphere, you’ll get quick service, healthy food and fragrant coffee in a cup designed especially for you!

  Menu preview:
  Tagliatelle (≈4$)
  Chicken sandwich (≈3$)
  Cream soup (≈2$)
  Address: 4/2 Gorkogo Ploshad
  Hours: 9 AM – 10 PM


Chef’s café

‘Cafe by morning, bar by night’ — says the sign on the Chef’s café building, which is famous for its simple and scrumptious menu, specifically known for their sandwiches. This is the place to drop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as for late-night parties.

  Menu preview:
  Wheat porridge with teriyaki chicken (≈$3)
  Miso soup with pink salmon (≈$3)
  Sandwiches (≈$2)
  Address: 33, Ulitsa Minina 24, Ulitsa Piskunova
  Hours: 8 AM — 10 PM (weekdays)
  10 AM — 10 PM (weekends)



Named after one of the characters in Tolstoy’s infamous novel ‘War and Peace’, this cafe is The Spot for all lovers of poetry and literature in general. Designed to resemble, a good old fashioned library, here you’ll find shelves bursting with must read books, and everything you need to enjoy a book. You can also drop in for a masterclass or a meeting of book crossers, that are being housed here regularly.

  Menu preview:
  California crepes with homemade blueberry jam (≈$4)
  Bacon omelet with mushrooms (≈$3)
  Millet porridge with pumpkin, pear and honey (≈$3)
  Address: 6, Rozhdestvenskaya Ulitsa
  Hours: 24/7