Moscow city center is so inspired by French architecture, that one might get confused for a moment whether they are in Paris. Paris deja vu while being in Moscow is an experience on its own and even more so with a croissant in hand and a decent cup of coffee in the other. Here is our list of 5 French inspired cafes where you can dive into Paris chic.


Pekarnya Michelya

This neighborhood gem of a bakery always has a freshly baked croissant and a perfect cup of coffee for you.  The place doesn’t even have a web site, only a Facebook page, but it’s super popular thanks to its hot spot Patriarch Ponds location.

  Address: 12/9 Spiridonyevsky Pereulok
  Hours: 9 AM–11 PM
  Average check: $12-25



This bistro-style chain of restaurants won the affections of artistic intelligentsia years ago. While other hipster joints come and go, they continue throwing poetic soireés, art parties and musical events while brewing their coffee just right. The restaurants are open all night, on a summer night you will find groups hanging out on the terraces all the way until sunrise.

  Address: all 6 places on Google Map
  Hours: 9–6 AM
  Average check: $12-25


Petit cafe

This charming place with a beautiful, airy ambiance is worth visiting for its carefully selected wines and excellent courses served in a room with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and brick walls. And coffee? With their attention to details, no wonder the coffee is brewed to perfection.

  Address: 15/2 Prechistenskaya Naberezhnaya
  Hours: 11–12 AM
  Average check: $25-30


Le Melange

Le Melange isn’t exclusively a coffee shop. In fact, first and foremost it’s a cake shop selling absolutely delicious custom-made cakes and chocolates. Ask for eclairs, macarons or pastries to accompany your coffee.

  Address: 86A Prospekt Vernadskogo
  Hours: 9 AM–10 PM
  Average check: $12-25


Cafe Michel

This two-storey café with elegantly set tables and a chilled ambiance is an oasis of good coffee and delicious fresh food. Somehow, it’s perfect for both breakfasts and romantic dinners. They also serves take-away coffee,  if you don’t have time to sit down and soak in the French ambiance.

  Address: 13 Ulitsa Krasnaya Presnya
  Hours: 8 AM–12 AM
  Average check: $25-30