A Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast, Kaliningrad is a unique town with many historic attractions and interesting sights. Check out this quick guide to non-touristy places where you can rub elbows with the locals.


Curonian Spit and Vistula Spit

Both of these sand stretches are somewhat Martian-picturesque and have their own unique microclimate. While the Curonian Spit is known to be more touristy, the Vistula Spit is really a wild area where you can hardly find not only tourists, but even locals, instead you can stumble upon abandoned German airfields, while walking through sand dunes and “dancing” forests.


Vagonka Club

Housed in an old Protestant church, this club is the nerve center of music and drama. An excellent place to catch both Russian and Western live bands with a rather underground and indie vibe. Check out the local music scene and enjoy sharp cocktails and craft beers.

  Address: 12 Ulitsa Stanochnaya


Fish Village

Fish Village is a neighborhood that mimics the German architecture of old Konigsberg. The houses stand in warm contrast to the city line, still dominated by the gritty concrete façades. Take a bicycle ride along the river, go to one of the coffee shops, and shop for local amber – it’s all very cozy.

Address: 8 Ulitsa Oktyabrskaya


Right side Quay near Bravo Italia Restaurant

Safely tucked away from the masses, the Quay opens up a fantastic view of the port.  This spot is perfect for lovers of photography, as well as those looking to relax and meditate.

  Address: 9 Pravaya Naberezhnaya


Corner Pub

It’s unlikely that you’ll stumble upon this place by chance, so make a conscious plan to visit Corner Pub. This place is a popular hangout among the locals, bringing together genuine friends looking to relax, get a drink and chat. As far as pub food goes, the Corner Pub offers some of the best snacks you’ll find in Kaliningrad’s pubs.

  Address: 25 Ulitsa Bolnichnaya