Check out our quick guide to original places in Nizhniy Novgorod with unique concepts and atmosphere.



Biblioteka (library) coffee shop is definitely the place bookworms and hygge practitioners will appreciate. The interior is a reflection of the name —  resembling a library, decorated will all sorts of retro items (especially typewriters) and lots of books. Soulful and cozy, this place is known for its friendly staff and delicious meals. Perfect to spend a rainy day with your favorite novel.

  Menu Preview:
  Pastas (≈$5)
  Pizza (≈$6)
  Honey cake (≈$3)
  Address: 46 Bolshaya Pokrovskaya UlitsaHours: 11 AM — 10 PM



A French bakery and a cozy mini café with tiny round tables and the smell of croissants in the center of… oddly enough, not Paris, but Nizhniy Novgorod. Here you can enjoy a coffee and pastry to the soundtrack of Edit Piaf and get one of the best views of the Stroganovskaya church. Charming red tables pop up outdoors in the summer and create an even more Parisian flair.

  Menu Preview:
  Baked goods (≈$2)
  Address: 41 Rozhdestvenskaya UlitsaHours: 12 AM — 8 PM



An original take out where noodles rule, especially vegetarian, especially take-out — the place is tiny with just a few tables for a sit-down meal. ’Sovok’ is the slang for ’Soviet Union’ and the interior here magically combines Brooklyn inspired hole-in-the-wall Asian take-out with Nizhniy Novgorod of the 1960s. If you are looking to experience a hipster’s interpretation of Soviet design, without any Soviet inspired cuisine, this is the perfect place.

  Menu Preview:
  Noodles (≈$4)
  Address: 2 Bolshaya Pokrovskaya UlitsaHours: 10 AM — 10 PM



‘From the heart’ — that’s the silent moto of this restaurant. Each visit to this Caucasian joint turns out to be a mini-celebration, with sweet wine, finger-licking good food and, if you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough, the mustached chef’s goodbye kisses.

  Menu Preview:
  Chicken Sacivi (chicken in walnut sauce) (≈$3)
  Adjapsandal (stewed spicy vegetables) (≈$4 but you get a discount if you pronounce it correctly)
  Hookah (≈$13)
  Address: 19 Rozhdestvenskaya UlitsaHours: 12 AM — 12 PM


Seledka i coffee

(herring and coffee)

Especially popular among journalists, writers and all kinds of creatives, this place hosts regular masterclasses and interviews with famous artists. Apart from the intellectual atmosphere, this spot is also known for its decent coffee — it definitely plays a major role in the city’s coffee scene. Make sure to step by for a cup of good coffee and a debate about the book you are currently reading.

  Menu Preview:
  Coconut chicken with couscous (≈$5)
  Steak pie (≈$4)
  Beef burger (≈$5)
  Address: 19 Rozhdestvenskaya UlitsaHours: 12 AM — 12 PM