An experienced traveller knows that there’s never enough time for everything  — you can hardly squeeze all must-sees in one trip. Let’s not waste time while eating at least — check out those restaurants in Sochi where you can get a fantastic meal and enjoy the views at the same time.



In this Italian restaurant pizzas and pastas are the stars of the show and the stunning view is the backdrop. Overlooking the port and the Marina this is just the place you would want to dine in while on a beach vacation.

 Menu preview: Tuna steak (≈$20)
                                Mushroom Rissotto (≈$15)
                                Scallop salad (≈$20)
 Hours: 10 AM- 6 AM
Address: 1A Nesebrskaya Ulitsa



Located in the heart of Sochi, this restaurant offers not only a unique view over the peacefully swaying yachts, a lighthouse and enormous Olympic rings, but also a truly romantic atmosphere and a sizable menu.

 Menu preview: Tuna steak (≈$20)
                                Mushroom Rissotto (≈$15) 
                                Scallop salad (≈$20)
 Hours: 10 AM- 6 AM
 Address: 1 Voykova Ulitsa


Café-Brasserie “Brigantine”

This swank place is situated in the heart of Sochi and offers not only a scenic view of the water, but also the best dishes of classic French and Mediterranean cuisine made by a chef from France.

 Menu preview: Mussels with white wine sauce (≈$15)
                                Fish soup (≈$6)
                                Scallop salad (≈$20)
 Hours: Friday – Saturday: 24 hours
                  Sunday – Saturday: 8 AM – 02 AM
 Address: 3 Nesebrskaya Ulitsa



The menu here is a mix of Russian, French, Swiss and Mediterranean cuisines, so you can treat yourself to fresh seafood, original salads and hearty meat dishes cooked on charcoal. In Rivage not only do you get a chance to enjoy the lovely view of the Black sea, but also watch the chef’s performance in the open kitchen.

 Menu preview: Mussels with tomato sauce (≈$10)
                                Fettuccine with salmon (≈$15)
                                Spaghetti ‘Bolognese’  (≈$10)
 Hours: 6 PM — 11 PM
Address: 89 Kurortniy Prospect


Hmeli ICE Suneli

This restaurant offers a mountain view, instead of a seaview — wherever you look you see snow-capped peaks and fuzzy pine trees. Located at 1664 meters above sea level in Krasnaya Polyana area and styled as a mountain chalet, this place serves Caucasian cuisine made from locally grown produce.

 Menu preview: Borch with coriander (≈$5)
                                Black Sea flatfish steak (≈$10)
                                Marble beed (≈$10)
 Hours: 9 AM- 5 AM
Address: Krasnaya Polyana, GTZ OAO Gazprom, height 1660 m