There are times when you just want a quick and quality bite, right? Something simple, quick and satisfying all the same. Check out this guide, if you’re looking for a place where you can find those meals in Rostov on Don.


Dyra v stene

(Hole in the wall)

The menu at the cute “Hole in the wall” coffee shop, with only drinks and waffles to speak of, doesn’t seem inspiring at first. But read into it, and your mouth will start watering right away. You’ll fall in love with this cozy place quickly, just as the locals did.

Menu Preview: Shakespeare (with blueberry cream and fruit salad) (≈$3)
Bulgakov (with cream cheese, salmon and tomato) (≈$4)
Hemingway (with fried egg, ham, tomato and cucumber) (≈$4)
Address: 89 Ulitsa Suvorova
Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

Credit: @Read&eat cafe ДЫРА В СТЕНЕ


The BeBop Burgers

Here you will find a variety of delicious original multi-layered burgers (reaching 25 cm in height!) served in a small loft-like space with brick walls and eaten using disposable rubber gloves. Takeout is available.

Menu Preview: BeBop Classic (double beef) (≈$6)
Marty McFly (juicy chicken thigh) (≈$5)
Nicolette (vegetarian rice and mushroom cutlet) (≈$4)
Address: 19 Ulitsa Suvorova
Hours: 12 PM – 12 AM

Credit: @The Bebop Burgers



Light or hearty vegetarian and vegan menu, with Indian and international dishes. The open terrace and panoramic view are extra bonuses on top of the excellent food.

Menu Preview: Warm bean, nut and mushroom salad (≈$3.5)
Polenta and vegetables in Napoli sauce (≈$4)
Cream of pumpkin soup with cheese and pine nuts (≈$3)
Address: 91 Ulitsa Suvorova 4th fl., Liga Natsyi business center,
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Credit: @Green Cafe


Fartuk & Margarita

Bistronomy is a very welcome combination of fine cuisine and democratic prices, and that’s what this place is all about. It boasts a mouth watering pizza made in a proper fire-wood pizza oven and a special sauce to finish off the crunchy pizza crust with. A vintage-style interior is filled with lots of light and their terrace is wildly popular spot in the summer months.

Menu Preview: Chicken and bell pepper calzone (≈$5)
Duck pizza (≈$5)
Baked chicken and lentil roulade (≈$6)
Address: 168 Krasnoarmeiskaya Ulitsa
Hours: 12 PM – 12 AM




Baguettes, French pastries, and a surprising selection of delicious pâtés .

Menu Preview: Salmon quiche (≈$3)
Duck liver pâté (≈$3)
Duck terrine with pistachios (≈$4)
Address: 166/38 Ulitsa Socialisticheskaya
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM

Credit: @Багет-Паштет. Кафе-пекарня