Sight seeing, beach bumming, museum hopping, and glass clinking — a list of suggestions that sum up to an unforgettable weekend in Kaliningrad.


Yantarny beach

An entire day trip can be made out of a visit to Yantarny town by the Baltic sea coast. One of the widest beaches in Russia it is very popular, but still charming, and has an unexpected nature gem – Maurice Becker Park, with ancient trees.

  Location: town of Yantarny, 50 km/one hour from Kaliningrad

Credit: @darling_fordarling


Zelenogradsk promenade

Though it’s a busy town, Zelenogradsk remains a laid-back seaside spot. The narrow sandy beach is flanked by a fine 2 km promenade where eateries with great local food are lined up.

  Address: 4 Ulitsa Krymskaya, town of Zelenogradsk, 34 km/40 min from Kaliningrad

Credit: @Jenya Saifutdinov


Amber museum

The town of Yantarny may be the place where they extract amber, but it’s the Amber museum in Kaliningrad that exhibits the most impressive findings. Housed in an old fortress tower, the museum is the heart of local natural history and art life. Their collection of over 3,000 amber exhibits is absolutely amazing!

  Address: 1 Ploschad Marshala Vasilevskogo
  Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM
  Ticket: ≈$7 + ≈$3 for an audio guide in English, German or Polish

Credit: @Kaliningrad Amber Museum


Kant Island

The island is named in honor of the great philosopher Immanuel Kant, a native of Kaliningrad (ex-Konigsberg), who was buried here. It is known for the beautiful and picturesque setting — the perfect place to have a picnic, spend the entire day playing frisbee, watch boats pass along the river and reflect on life at the footsteps of the old Königsberg Cathedral.

  Address: 1 Ulitsa Kanta

Credit: @Кафедральный собор


Amalienau quarter

Amalienau was established as a suburban villa district for the old Königsberg upper class, which makes it the perfect place to take a relaxing walk and enjoy the architecture, the mini-parks and the stunning and quiet streets. Grab a coffee and explore this old German neighborhood full of character.

  Location: between Prospekt Pobedy, Ulitsa Lesoparkovaya, Ulitsa Yanalova and Ulitsa Krasnaya

Credit: @Tatyana


Yeltsin pub

Tucked away in a former Soviet ship-repair factory, the industrial location of Yeltsin only adds to its kitschy charm. This craft beer pub attracts an eclectic crowd with its sleek interior and ex-President Yeltsin’s portrait mural. The offerings on tap (≈$3) are excellent, and peckish guests will easily find a fresh burger (≈$4) to bite into.

 Address: 2-2a Ulitsa Garazhnaya 
  Hours: Tue-Thu 4 PM — 12 AM, Fri 4 PM — 2 AM, Sat 2 PM — 2 AM, Sun 2 PM — 12 AM

Credit: @Ельцин


Ulitsy Bar

This small mellow place, serving legit cocktails (≈$6), is perfect for winding down or starting your evening, either way, it’s a must-visit. The bar counter is your starting point: there’s no menu and no cocktail list – talk to the bartender. As soon as the dense crowd shakes off the initial “room full of strangers” awkwardness, it all turns into a hell of a party!

  Address: 13 Prospekt Mira 
  Hours: Sun-Thu 1 PM — 1 AM, Fri-Sat 1 PM — 6 AM