Sochi has a lot to offer its guests, from beaches to skiing and everything in between. In this list we’ve rounded up the city’s signature attractions for those who like to take it easy and explore.


Riviera Park

This 14 hectare park is the main park of Sochi city. Filled with all kinds of attractions, coffee shops and beautiful scenery it’s a popular spot among the locals to relax and spend their time with families. Swing by to see some charming Soviet time monuments and enjoy the nature.

  Address: 1 Ulitsa Egorova


Adler Dolphinarium

Here you can see a fascinating show starring Black Sea dolphins, sea lions, belugas and even white wales. After the show, everyone is welcome to take a picture with the artists! Ticket prices start from ≈$9, kids under three years old enter for free.

  Address: 219/2 Ulitsa Lenina


City Port

In a way the City Port is the heart of the city — all roads lead here one way or the other. Not only is the port a beautiful and picturesque building, but the entire area has a lot to offer a tourist: from here you can take a boat trip to explore the Black Sea or stroll around and discover a park with Himalayan cedar trees, stumble upon sculptures dedicated to seasons of the year or simply watch yachts and boats pass by and see the sun drop into the water at sunset.

  Address: 1 Ulitsa Voykova



The lighthouse has been helping the sailors find their way to Sochi since 1890! Located between the city port and Festivalniy concert hall, it’s easy to find and offers tourists a chance to take some fantastic pictures while discovering a signature historical landmark of Sochi.

  Address: next to the Marine Station


Adler Monkey Farm

The institute of medical primatology was established in Adler region in 1927 and is known to be the oldest establishment of this kind in the world. Here on a territory of one hundred hectares, live more than 4000 monkeys of different species. Although they are all participating in scientific research and two of these monkeys — Dasha and Tisha — even went to space in 1998, it’s possible to visit this unique place with a tour for just ≈$4.

  Address: 177 Ulitsa Mira, village of Vesyoloye


Matsesta Resort

Matsesta is translated from Adyg language as fire water, perfectly describing the effect of this resort’s thermal waters on the skin — it gets red, as if it was on fire, although no physical burn is being felt. Matsesta resort has been established all the way in 1902 and used to be a place Stalin himself would visit every year for rejuvenation.
You can book a tour at

  Address:  4 Alleya Cheltenkhema


Trout Farm

A trip to the trout farm will take no longer than an hour even with traffic and you can get there by bus. Take a guided tour to learn everything about farming trout, watch how the fish is being fed and even do some fishing and have your catch cooked for you right on the spot. The trout farm also has a shop, where you can buy fresh and smoked pieces to take home.

  Address: 45a Ulitsa Forelevaya, village of Kazachy Brod

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