Only seven notes to play a masterpiece. Only seven days to create the world. Only seven dollars to spend for a meal in Rostov on Don. And even with this modest budget you won’t be disappointed if you check out the list below.


Steen Brugge

The pub offers European and German dishes: a large selection of meat, meat and meat. They’re known for the dishes cooked on a spit — these are a 100% must try! To complement your meal, you may choose an adult beverage from their vast craft/draft beer collection.

  Menu Preview: Corniche chicken with French fries (≈$7)
  Catfish stewed in cream (≈$7)
  Smelt with a crunchy crust (≈$6)
  Hours: 12 AM — 12 PM
  Address: 168/99 Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa


Vino & Myaso (wine & meat)

Burger-addicted. That’s what you’ll call yourself after visiting this bar. Here you may treat yourself to different kinds of delicious burgers, sandwiches, meat dishes and soups.

  Menu Preview: Chicken burger (≈$3)
  Black angus blue cheese burger (≈$4)
  Pastrami sandwich (≈$3)
  Hours: 12 AM — 12 PM
  Address: 99 Gazetniy Pereulok



This spacious restaurant’s decor is inspired by a colorful oriental bazaar. The menu matches the interior perfectly with a fusion of dishes from the Uzbek, Japanese or Russian cuisines.

  Menu Preview: Lamb pilaf Chaykhansky (≈$6)
  Okroshka with lamb (≈$5)
  Homemade pelmeni (≈$3)
  Hours: 11 AM — 12 PM
  Address: 3 Teatralnaya Ploshchad


Schneider Weisse Brauhaus

An enormous two-floor restaurant inspired by Germany — in looks and cooks!

  Menu Preview: Calf liver with baked apples (≈$6)
  Nürnberg sausages with fried sauerkraut (≈$7)
  Homemade chicken pie (≈$3)
  Hours: 12 AM — 12 PM
  Address: 27 Bieregovaya Ulitsa



If you are not into meat, check out this vegan restaurant. Indulge yourself with a large choice of salads, soups, snacks and drinks without any milk, eggs, cream or other animal products.

  Menu Preview: Ribollita bean soup (≈$6)
  Vegan lasagna (≈$7)
  Hungarian goulash (≈$5)
  Hours: 8 AM — 11 PM
  Address: 119 Ulitsa Maksima Gorkogo