Samara is pretty serious about meat — burger shops and steak houses are firmly holding their ground against the vegetarian global trend. For all you meat lovers out there, here is a guide to 6 spots that make the best meat and tips on what dishes to order in each.

Yar Bar

This restaurant makes its stakes in a josper oven, so you can be sure they will be cooked to perfection. Whether you choose the ribeye (≈$11), filet mignon (≈$9) or the juicy grilled rack of lamb (≈$10), you are guaranteed to be pleased.

They also have an entire selection of meat starters and snacks like smoke-cured meats, carpaccio and beef tartar. The only meat dish you won’t find here is a dessert.

  Address: 23 Lesnaya St.

  Hours: daily, 12 PM–2 AM


The bull

A simple and solid make-your-own burger place. Choose from six types of meat patties (all sourced from a local farm in the region), six kinds of sauces and two veggie sets for ≈$3. Cheddar cheese, bacon, egg and onion rings are extra.

  Address: 135B Buyanova St.

  Hours: daily, 11 AM–11 PM



This inventive restaurant makes it a point to prove that meat is not only limited to stakes, they use all edible parts of the animal in their menu. Here you can try things like beef cheeks Asian-style (≈$8), beef tongue with pineapple and crème balsamic (≈$7) or beef tails in demi-glaсe or BBQ sauce (≈$10), apart from the traditional top-quality steaks and burgers.

  Address: 176 Sadovaya St.

  Hours: 12–11 PM (Sun…Wed),
  12 PM–12 AM (Thu),
  12 PM–2 AM (Fri…Sat)

Ne Brügge

Ne Brügge uses only locally produced grain fed meat and you will never find previously frozen ingredients in their kitchen. The menu lists sophisticated dishes, like the house special steak (≈$12) cooked over wood coal, further baked in cherry wood filings, finished off and served right at your table, or simmered pork roast with stewed grape leaves, pancetta and smoked chilli (≈$10).

  Address: 204 Molodogvardeiskaya St.

  Hours: 9–12 AM (Mon…Fri),
  11–12 AM (Sat…Sun)

Chaihona #1

A Moscow franchise brought a sizable Central Asian menu over to Samara. Try all kinds of oriental meat goodies like traditional lamb pilaf, veal shawarma, lamb manti (traditional steamed dumplings), each of these dishes for ≈$7, or the festive tandoor oven baked half-lamb (≈$110).

  Address: 2V Moskovskoe Shosse

  Hours: 10–12 AM (Sun),

  9–12 AM (Mon–Thu),

  10–2 AM (Fri–Sat)


In this restaurant you can find everything from the grill — steaks, ribs, rack of lamb, tongue Milanese, beef and zucchini kebab (≈$8-12). Off-the grill menu items include Italiano burger with beef patty and mozzarella, or beef stroganoff with champignons and white mushrooms (≈$7 each).

  Addresses: 2 Dachnaya St.,

  252 Moskovskoe Shosse

  Hours: 11–12 AM (Mon…Thu).

  11–2 AM (Fri…Sat)