A monument to civilians of Stalingrad

Until 1961 Volgograd used to be named Stalingrad — the city famous for being the turning point in World War II with the Battle of Stalingrad.

On May 9, 1995, when Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the victory over fascism a monument dedicated to the peaceful civilians of Stalingrad who died during the war was unveiled. A symbol of sorrow and memory of those who became the victims of the most horrible war in the human history is a sculpture of a 500-kilogram aviation bomb hanging over children and women standing in fire. It touches you to the heart and makes you reflect on the suffering the people have endured during this devastating war.

The bomb form of the monument is grievingly inspired by the events of August 23, 1942, when German troops started a massive bomb attack on the city. On that day, the VIII Luftwaffe air corps completed more than 2 thousand flights. Massive bombing continued for several days, until August 28, with over 12,000 bombs dropped on the city. More than 41,000 buildings were destroyed (85% of the city housing). The exact number of those killed and injured is unknown, but approximately 43,000 civilians were killed on the first day and 70,000 people were wounded.

The Bomb monument commemorates the victims of 1942 bombings and serves as a reminder about the horrors of war. It is located in the most central part of the city, which reveals the most wonderful view over the river. Some other city landmarks, such as the Musical Theater, the Embankment, and other key sightseeing destinations are within walking distance.

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