The owners of the Bamberg brewery and restaurant in Volgograd have put much effort into recreating the atmosphere of authentic Bavarian breweries: visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the interior, fresh homemade beer, live music and excellent German cuisine. Named after Bamberg, the ‘Bavarian Pearl’ of Germany, a beautiful and ancient city known for its Bavarian beer, this brewery in Volgograd is considered one of the best in Russia.

Guests are offered several varieties of live unfiltered beer: Bamberg Hell Premium, Bamberg Dunkel, Bamberg Weizen, Bamberg Helles, Bamberg Pils, Bamberg Spezial, and Bamberg Schwarz. Bamberg’s visitors drink about 140 tons of beer a year on average, that is a silent statement on its own that the beer is very popular.

The restaurant makes the most delicious German dishes like traditional sausages, juicy steaks, golden potatoes, tender veal, crispy croutons – in brief, everything that goes well with beer.

The restaurant is divided into several sections: an open-air patio, a TV zone for sports fans, and a cozy main room, so you will definitely find a spot to your liking. While sipping on your pint you can borrow some board games like checkers, chess, backgammon, lotto and beer puzzles, listen to live music, watch a live sporting event or enjoy a weekend show program.

For those eager to see the process of beer making, Bamberg offers group and individual tours. Guests visit the brewery located in the basement: the production line with top-quality German equipment, storerooms, and the laboratory where new recipes of beer are being invented and tested and the production quality is monitored. Real beer fans are invited to brew their own beer brand by putting original ingredients – hops and malt imported directly from Germany — into boilers, and then return a month later (when their drink is ready) to try it.

  Hours: 11 AM – 12 AM
  Address: 20 Ulitsa Sovetskaya