Cordiality and hospitality — are the words that best describe Baraonda Cantina, a restaurant in the center of Rostov. An evening here will transport you straight to Italy without the trouble of having to take any flights.

Cheerful and colorful interior and a traditional Italian menu from an Italian chef, live music, delicious dishes with excellent presentation, laughter and clinking of glasses — it’s everything you’d expect from an Italian restaurant.

Following the Italian tradition, Baraonda Cantina welcomes guests with appetizer compliments for dinner (7–9 PM). Food is prepared right in front of you by the Italian chef Mario, who is a true master of his craft. He will not only be your chef, but also your competent guide on the history and peculiarities of every dish. Try his carbonara pasta (≈$10), lasagna (≈$8), or black ravioli with catfish (≈$10). The deserts are masterpieces too: we recommend Italian ricotta cake with pear (≈$6) and branded tiramisu (≈$6).

Your evening in Italy will be augmented with live music from a guitar and vocal duet. In such lovely company, the time will spin away and you will be surprised to find Rostov on the other side of the door when you go home.

  Address: 40A Kirovskiy Prospect
  Hours: 12 PM–12 AM