Getting a decent cocktail can sometimes become a quest. We’ve eliminated the quest part listing the 5 bars in Rostov that won’t disappoint. Whether you’re looking to party or chill with a drink in hand, these are are the places to choose from.


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One of the first legit cocktail bars in the city, with true mixology gurus behind the bar counter. Their secret is to always add positive vibes to any cocktail mix. If you want some magic, ditch the menu and ask the bartender to surprise you, and he will — with a drink that’s perfect just for you.

  Our suggestion: Spring grass tini
  Address: 10 Suvorova Str.

  Hours: daily 5 PM–2 AM


A no-pressure bar and restaurant with an excellent grill bar and seasonal cocktail menu. Comfy sofas for larger groups, live DJ sets on the weekends, spacious and amiable.

  Our suggestion: Chocolate toffee

  Address: 14 Goroda Volo Str.

  Hours: daily 12 PM–3 AM

On the Rocks

Definitely not the place to have a couple drinks and call it a night. If you’re in the mood for lots of lights, loud music, crazy dancing on the counter and eventually seeing the sunrise — this is your spot. Here is night is always young.

  Our suggestion: Marry P.
  Address: 151 Maksima Gorkog Str.

  Hours: Sun-Thu 6 PM–2 AM,
  Fri–Sat 9 PM–6 AM


A young crew of charismatic bartenders who are learning faster than you can say “another shot”, a tempting bar menu and lots of bustle on the weekends. Top-notch house music for dancing the night away.

  Our suggestion: Lady Scarlett

  Addr.: 151 Maksima Gorkogo Str.

  Hours: Fri–Sat 6:50 PM–6 AM

Drunken Winnie

Not at all about the food or whisky coke, very much about personalised cocktail experiments. The interior is perfect for those looking to entertain their rebellious inner teenager, with a map of Brooklyn and a skateboard nailed to the brick wall and streetlights in the middle of the bar.

  Our suggestion:
  Tequila Manhattan
  Address: 54/2 Gazetniy Pereulok

  Hours: Mon–Thu 11 AM–11 PM,
  Friday 11 AM – Sunday 11 PM