The Big Butcher Grill & Bar, an industrial chic restaurant, is an energetic twist on the traditional grill featuring a bold, meaty menu. It’s a tiny cave-like space, located right next to its big brother Brown Bear Grill. The concept here is built around exposed wood-fired grill, hand-cut chops, and steakhouse cocktails.

The owners are making the most of the trend for open kitchens that allow the guests to watch all the cooking action. The performance in this open kitchen is delivered by a charismatic chef who sticks to brutal cooking in flashing flames and fragrant smoke. It’s also planned to broadcast the cooking process to a large screen above the grill. Something else meant to catch your eye here, are the chandeliers made of knives for cutting meat…is that awesome or what!

The menu features classic steaks, like coffee-rubbed Cowboy steak (≈26$ per 700g) and T-bone steak (≈20$ per 500g). The beef comes from artisan farmers and the chef hand-cuts the steaks as he finds best. You can choose any steak you like and have it grilled from rare to well-done. Or you can take advice from the sociable cordon bleu and go for the Butcher’s steak (≈12$ per 350g) that is cut and done at the chef’s discretion. For a lighter meal, try the spicy salad with turkey (≈9$), salsa beans (≈4$) and veal stroganoff sandwich with bacon and blue cheese.

The Big Butcher bar also lays emphasis on cocktails perfectly crafted to complement grilled viands. It would be wise to pair your steak with a martini or a brandy-based cocktail, despite quality reds and whites being offered in abundance . An evening in Big Butcher Grill & Bar is meant to be a success, enjoy the performance in the open kitchen, sip delicious cocktails and feast on a juicy steak!

  Address: 54 Ulitsa Pushkina
  Hours: 12 PM – 12 AM