Björn is all about treating Muscovites to Scandinavian cuisine in a truly unique style. Simplicity here meets sophistication.

The designer of this minimalistic interior obviously drew inspiration from the grayish winter sky above the storming seas. The serene white, gray and brown colors with decorative elements of stone and wood immerse you in the wild forests and glaciers of the northern Europe. The dining room is light and airy with wooden animal decorative pieces on the walls.

It becomes obvious as you go through your dining experience that this place has an entire philosophy.  Their web site encourages you to ‘think of the Bjorn as a crafts shop where fire, water, fresh ingredients, and the warmth of our hands meet to create your dinner’.

In the summer season, the chef makes delicious salads, mixing rustic sunflower oil with garden juices of tomatoes, strawberries, and red onions. This perfect combination of local products is the quintessence of summer happiness. And in winter smørrebrød rules the plate – herring with potatoes, mustard and honey (≈5$) or forest mushrooms with onions (≈5$) are served to get you started.

Surely, the chef offers northern fish, quail and wild boar, but venison is the highlight of the menu. So let us immediately note the venison tartar (≈12$) that is served in a polished deer bone with sherry-soaked cranberries.  Venison meatballs with mashed potatoes and cranberries are just as good (≈15$). For a lighter dinner order white salmon with seagrass (≈17$) and alder-smoked blueback salmon with honey pumpkin and skyr cheese (≈16$). The presentation of food here is a whole separate topic. This will definitely be an instagram worthy dinner.

Surprise yourself with a dessert, for example, a snowball from buckthorn and elderberry (≈8$). It isn’t too sweet and you can even eat it between the courses, following a famous gourmet tradition. For a solid wrap-up of your dinner choose the ugly chocolate cake (≈8$) with a cup of herbal tea.

The restaurant maybe minimalistic, but it sets the mood with original details like pine cones on your table. From time to time, a waiter passes by with an incense burner, and the smell of burning wood sends your imagination to the wild nature, camping trips, meeting the dawn by the fire. You may want to act on this nostalgia by ordering their charred potatoes (≈6$). Björn debunks the myth of how cold and unfriendly the north is. True hospitality and coziness reign here instead of obsessive service. Mature and absolutely delicious.

 Address: 3/4 Ulitsa Pyatnitskaya
12 PM – 11 PM