It all started with a food truck by a park entrance in Petrogradskaya District (like good old ice-cream vendors). The owners were prepared to climb every mountain — that’s why their “Black Unicorn” has turned into a dashing cafe right in the heart of Russia’s Northern capital.

Simple and colorful interior, makes you feel like you have walked into a futurist exhibition. Moreover, the colors of the walls work perfectly with the bright ice-cream colors — do you sense a hint to juicy instagram material? Snap before it melts!

The home-made colorful ice-cream is clearly the main attraction here. You can try blue ice-cream with mint and white chocolate or black ice-cream with almonds and cherries!

Top it off with some complimentary M&M’s, coconut shavings, Oreos or peanuts. At this point, Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) would probably say that you are on a rave.

For those hungry beyond ice-cream Black Unicorn makes classic chicken, beef or salmon bagels. When it comes to coffee, apart from the good quality usual suspects, you can order some original drinks, like “Unicorn milk” — a beet latte with whipped cream and blue confetti or lavender raf. Get some cinnamon cookies with your coffee — they are cordially baked by the owners themselves. Or the unicorn cookies. They’ve got unicorn cookies too!

  Menu: Ice-cream (≈$4)

  Salmon bagel (≈$5)

  Unicorn milk (≈$5)

  Address: 12 Kronverkskaya Ulitsa