Looking to experience a night out in Nizhniy Novgorod like a true local? Then the art-cellar ’Buffet’ is definitely the place to go! Frozen in time, the decor, menu and ambiance of this place have remained unchanged throughout many years. It’s a place one would actually refer to as authentic.

A long time favourite among the local artists and musicians, this spot surprises a first comer with its design styled to resemble an art workshop, whose walls are home to many interesting artifacts collected over the years. This place is a genuine place of worship of all kinds of arts and creativity, holding masterclasses, movie screenings, recitals and exhibitions of locals artists works every week.

The staff have worked here for many years and can remember each and every order, without having to write it down. They say Slava Gusar, the Buffet’s legendary barista can make the perfect coffee for you, simply by looking at you.
The menu doesn’t have a tendency to change, probably because it’s also quite original to begin with. Here you’ll find some alternative dishes like baked veal brains or even bovine testicles. If you don’t feel adventurous about your meal, ordering a regular stake is also an option. The drinks menu is just as interesting, with a wide selection of drinks, including hrenovuha — a somewhat bitter, highly spicy vodka that dates back to early 1700s Imperial Russia and Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov. Hrenovuha is made from root horseradish, and spiced with pepper, peas or garlic.

  Menu preview:
  Chicken wings (≈$5)
  Baked bovine eggs (≈$6)
  Fish sandwich (≈$2)
   Hours: 12 AM- 2 AM
   Address: 14 Osharskaya Ulitsa