One of the best parks on the Volga, the Central embankment of Volgograd is known as  a location for important city events and celebrations, and a popular recreational destination for both local residents and visitors.

In the past, it served as a large port and a river station receiving cargo and passenger ships from all over Russia. During the World War II, the Volga embankment was a key strategic point protecting the entrance to the city and ensuring food and ammunition delivery by water. It saw many bloody battles and mass evacuations of civilians.

Later, it was rebuilt to become a popular recreational sight and a city landmark. White columns replaced the former ferry crossing, making this entrance to the city look triumphant and dividing the embankment into the upper and lower terraces. The upper terrace is the Victory Park with a walking alley and Mayak Restaurant . The lower terrace, designed especially for promenades, is home to the pier and river port (where dozens of cruise ships dock every day), the central concert hall, several cafes, an amusement park and clubs.

In the late spring, you can witness a peculiar sight, when tons of water are discharged from the Volga hydroelectric station making the river level rise and flooding the lower terrace, so that its pier, flower beds and attractions all get covered with water.

There is no doubt you will find yourself strolling through the Central Embankment, when in Volgograd. Soak in the peaceful views of the water, take some pictures of the monuments on your way, and continue up the granite staircase to the Alley of Heroes and the Fallen Fighters Square.