In Chef’s Bistro you can eat deliciously, quickly and for cheap! This eatery dashingly uses the corner café concept and serves great sandwiches and lemonades. Sandwiches may seem too conventional for the culinary world, but this bistro definitely has the character and the spirit that make you come back.

The heart of this place is an open kitchen behind the bar, where guests also place their orders and pay. The kitchen action is usually vibrant and fussy as chefs are cutting and grilling, so you won’t be bored while waiting for your food. This is a self-service place, so make sure to walk up to the counter and make an order.

The blackboard above the kitchen conveniently displays the entire menu. Among the eight sandwiches, the ones that draw attention are the Chef’s sandwich with bacon, pork loin, cheese, omelet and tomatoes (≈4$), the pastrami sandwich with gherkins and aioli (≈5$), and the vegetarian pita sandwich with chukka salad, shiitakes and tofu (≈5$). You can get a side of French fries with tartar sauce for ≈2$, otherwise, sandwiches are served with a handful of chips. It’s worth mentioning their food presentation, which is on point, especially for such a relaxed place.

For drinks try their refreshing homemade lemonades (≈3$): classic, ginger, raspberry, and blackcurrant. The salty caramel smoothie (≈3$) is also definitely a must try. Coffee is reliably ok: ≈2$ for an espresso, ≈3$ for a cappuccino.

Located near the university, this casual and affordable bistro is usually full of students. It’s often crowded and stuffy inside, and you wouldn’t want to stay too long, but the tasty food, stirring vibe and funky music make it a place worth stopping by!

 Address: 33 Ulitsa Minina
 Hours: Mon–Fri 8:430 AM – 10 PM, Sat–Sun 10 AM – 10 PM