Mountains have always struck the imagination of people with their majestic appearance and bizarre forms. They are compared to the teeth of dragon, stone forests, bee hives…and even forgotten cities. The mount Chertovo Gorodische, or the Devil’s Fortress, is one of the most famous ‘natural sculptures’ in the Middle Urals.

The reason for its name might come to you as you walk through the forest in search of the mountain. It seems to appear almost as if out of nowhere, like a hidden medieval fort. From the south side, this unassailable fortress looks like a heap of giant stone slabs, from the north — like a wall. The unusual shape of this mountain is as a result of three hundred million years of water and temperature changes, which even this granite couldn’t resist! The views at the foot of the mountain pale in comparison to the views from the top of this 20-meter giant. Once at the top, you’ll get to see the world from 347 meters above sea level. You will also have a good view of the Chertovo Gorodische’s younger brother located just 50 meters away. No wonder this forest itself is called the land of ‘stone cities’

Chertovo Gorodische stands in a forest located 25 km from Yekaterinburg and can be reached by car or on foot by a road that connects local villages Iset and Severka. In winter you can take a third and much shorter route — through a frozen swamp near the village of Shuvakish. In any case, to avoid getting lost, make sure you have a GPS with you. The geographical coordinates of the sight are: 56 ° 56.493 ‘north latitude, 60 ° 20.848’ east longitude. If you are into nature, hiking and adventures — this will be a day trip you will enjoy while in Ekaterinburg.