“Coffee On Moy” is a cozy mini-cafe in front of Park Pobedy, squeezed into what used to be a lobby in a residential building in Saint Petersburg. Might sound daunting when you first hear it, but it’s the most authentic place ever. Also you don’t have to rub elbows with anyone if you don’t want to, they’ve managed to put a section of the stairs to use along with the hall itself and enhance their space.

It wouldn’t be wise to expect a huge menu from this tiny spot. They have only strategic food: original sandwiches with different kinds of fillings, like bacon, blue cheese and baked peppers or tuna cream, lime and quail eggs. The main attraction here is coffee — made from top quality beans and served in take-away cups illustrated with portraits of Russian writers.

Here you can have a snack, an excellent coffee and strike a conversation about Russian literature — it can not get any more Saint Petersburg than this.

  Menu: Sandwiches (≈$3), Cheesecake (≈$3), Cappuccino (≈$2)
  Addr: 165 Moskovskij Prospekt
  Hours: Mon…Fri 8 AM–10 PM 
  Sat…Sun 10 AM–10 PM