Cossacks are one of the deeper-rooted symbols of Russia, and Rostov is the region where you can explore their history and culture. Here is a list of places to embrace the Cossack way of life.


Cossack Don, a cultural and historical center

A comprehensive reflection of the Cossack environment, everyday life and traditions. Also, a great venue for outdoor activities like horse-riding, picnicking, swimming and sunbathing. After the  tour visit the center’s restaurant with traditional Cossack cuisine. It’s a difficult choice between several species of river fish, game, pickles, homemade lard, pies and kulebyaki.

  Address: 6 Naberezhnaya Ulitsa
  Hours: 10 AM–10 PM


Razdorsky ethnographic reserve

A 16-17th century Don Cossack village with farms, scenic landscapes and historical sites. You’ll immerse yourself all the way into pre-Cossack period history. Check out the nearby archaeological sites of the Neolithic, Bronze, Early Iron and Middle Ages.

  Address: 117 Ulitsa Kalinina
  Hours: 8:30 AM–4:30 PM


Sholokhov’s house museum

Come here to experience Cossack’s hospitality, traditions and, of course, good food. You’ll be treated to all kinds of dishes, from soused apples, salted watermelons, to Don herring, baked duck, all kinds of pies, pickles, and lard. Great food for both mind and body.

  Address: 60 Ulitsa Sholokhova
  Hours: 9 AM–5 PM


Cossack Watch, an ethnic and cultural complex

Сustoms, traditions and history of the Don Cossacks are preserved here through unique artifacts, passed from generation to generation. You’ll see ancient weapons, household items, traditional clothing and much more. To feel closer to the everyday Cossack life, spend a weekend here and go fishing, rafting or visit a Russian banya.

  Address: Village of Samarskoye (≈40 km from Rostov)


Efremovskoe Podvorie, an ataman family farmstead

For the keen lover of local history, there is the historical compound of Efremov family, a long-standing ruling ataman lineage of great prosperity and power. You can see for yourself how the wealthy Cossacks used to live visiting the mansion, their own church, and impressive farmstead structures.

  Address: Ulitsa Pochtovaya