Now you in Moscow, most likely in Domodedovo, and inevitably ran into a lot of questions: where and how to catch a taxi, how to get to the hotel, how to do it more optimally for the budget, how to enter the Internet in roaming. In this modest guide we have tried to simplify the solution of the most typical for the tourist difficulties.

Services in Domodedovo


Wi-fi in Domodedovo have no time limit. The activation code for the Wi-Fi is sent to a mobile number. Make sure your roaming is working to receive that code.


Beware of the queues for passport control for both departures and arrivals. It can get crowded and messy at times, especially in arrivals — you can easily spend up to 30 minutes in arrivals passport control.

Don’t put that book you were reading on the plane too far. Otherwise Wi-Fi time is unlimited anyway: good time to get that check-in to Moscow on Facebook out of the way and browse our Getting Around pages for evening plans.


Use Gett and Uber just as you do back home. Beware of private taxi drivers, approaching passengers from arrival flights and offer a ride. They are highly overpriced. Always use the official Taxi service


You can purchase a local sim-card at counters in the airport.A passport will be required if you are planning to use the mobile service for longer than 2 weeks.


There is only one one luggage pickup room directly after the passport control booths. No chance of missing your bag.


Cheapest and fastest way to get to city Center. Please note the word Fastest. If it’s your first time in Moscow, be warned because you might regret that Uber if you are going to take it during rush hour, which lasts from early morning until 9 p.m.

If you’re not too heavy on your luggage hop on to Aeroexpress. One way ticket costs 500 ₽, which is around $9 (€7.5). Aeroexpress takes under 40 minutes to arrive to Moscow city Center (Paveletskaya metro station).

Paveletskaya is sitting on line 4 of the metro, otherwise called the “circle” line. You can clearly see it on the metro map — it’s the brown circle that’s connecting all other lines at different stations. You will not have to change lines more than one time to arrive at your intended metro station.

Find your way to Aeroexpress is easy, Just follow direction signs, which are spread all over the airport. When you find terminal, buy ticket.

Once you have selected your preferred language, just make the ticket purchase. Make sure to collect your tickets — you will need to use the QR code for turntiles.

Follow the direction signs, hop on and enjoy your traffic free ride with free Wi-Fi.


There is also a shuttle bus which goes to Domodedovskaya metro station. Unless that’s where you’re staying, it’s not to be considered since its by far the most time and effort consuming way.

If you have any questions, please reach out in comments or any of our social media. We will be happy to help!