Neo-bistrots are known to be small places run by chefs with vision. That stands absolutely true for the owners of Fartyk & Margarita (apron and margarita) who don’t believe that haute cuisine has to be snotty. They are trying to make their customers in Rostov forget this common misconception by serving high quality meals at bistro prices.

Fartyk & Margarita is known for simple, tasty and affordable French and Italian dishes. The pizza choice is huge and unusual, for example you’d hardly find another place in Rostov serving pizzas with duck (only for ≈$5 by the way). All pizzas are cooked in a proper wood-fired oven and served with an original sauce to dip the crust leftovers — nothing here goes to waste.

With its central Rostov location, this place lets you kill two birds with one stone — enjoy both the view and your meal. The design and furnishing make you feel like home: warm lighting, large windows, cozy cushioned furniture, brick walls decorated with old-time gizmos — nothing seems out of line.

Their fantastic cozy terrace is another reason to come by on a summer day. Every once in a while Fartyk & Margarita hosts cooking shows and master classes in their open kitchen, staying true to another principle of neo-bistrot concept — building and developing the local community.

  Menu: Chicken calzone (≈$6)

  Chicken roll with lentils (≈$5)

  Eclairs with cheese mousse (≈$3)

  Addr: 168 Krasnoarmeyskaya St.

  Hours: daily 12 AM–12 PM