For the young, wild and free, Fidel is a must visit!

It is a tiny, local’s favorite place with just a few tables and some bar stools along the counter. The minimalistic interior is decorated with bright graffiti and peculiar gizmos to reflect the strong competitive spirit hovering around. Big screen TVs allow you watch ongoing games, and if you bet on the winner, you just might get a free beer as well.

Here you will find cheap Russian craft beer and snacks, and you’ll have a lot to choose from: more than a hundred kinds of craft and draft beers, some of which are made in the local brewery and can’t be found anywhere else. Snacks include the usual beer accomplices, such as burgers, chicken wings, croutons, fries, and more of that kind.  Beware that it is a self-service bar, luckily the walk to the counter is just a few steps.

 Menu preview: Marble burger (≈$6)
                                Pizzas (from ≈$5)
                                Beers (from ≈$1)
 Hours: 12 AM- 2 AM
 Address: 15 Alekseevskaya Ulitsa