All burger lovers will attest to the fact that there is huge difference between a good tasting burger and a great tasting one! KGB contributes to the latter, with an impressive range of signature burgers made only from home-made ingredients. All the sauces, buns and meat patties are prepared in the same kitchen, so the quality of food is top-notch. And halal, since we are in Kazan.

Before you get mislead by the name completely and excited about visiting a Soviet-style eatery, let us tell you that KGB stands for Kulinar Guru Burger and not the Soviet times committee of state security (known as the KGB). There are no references to the USSR here whatsoever, the interior is very modern and instagrammable with black walls, metal bar stools, wooden counters, and original illustrations and lettering decorating the walls.

Here you can get a perfectly cooked classic burger with a halal beef, veal, or chicken patty (≈5$). For those who prefer to be a tad more adventurous, this burger joint offers burgers with marlin or chicken, topped with egg and blue pear (≈6$). Try the Must Have Burger (≈6$), with a generous portion of veal or chicken patty, nestled within a fluffy bun. The chefs will happily customize your burgers, feel free to spice up the burger to your liking on the scale from one to ten and add extras like eggs, jalapenos, potatoes or sauce.

Apart from burgers the menu also offers quesadillas with far more creative interpretations than the classic chicken: you can try duck, Kamchatka crab, and turkey quesadilla recipes here to find out that these fillings complement the rich melting cheese surprisingly well. There is something for everyone on KGB’s menu, and we’re talking about our vegan and vegetarian friends. The meatless Syr Burger and falafel, with homemade smoked Adyghe cheese are robust, if you’re trying to placate a vegan friend, while feeding your carnivorous urges.

In KGB, you can pair your sizzling choice of food, with one of their signature milkshakes or an authentic Chinese tea, apart from the usual suspects like sodas and lemonades. Surely, the KGB chefs didn’t invent the idea of the burger, but they obviously love what they do and plan to show people what else can be done from a combination of patties and buns!

 Address: 53/6 Ulitsa Moskovskaya
 Hours: 10 AM − 10 PM