History has it that in the mid 19th century this building housed the infamous salon, where Madam Karamzina, daughter of a famous mechant, entertained the likes of Lermontov and Glinka.
Nowadays, Gusi-Lebedi, positioned as a restaurant that reinvented the Russian merchant cuisine (and merchants in imperial Russia were generally a gregarious, straightforward and very traditional group), actually delivers on its promise with an excellent execution of traditional dishes.

The space is divided into two dining halls. The first sitting area is decorated in a more sophisticated literary-salon style, and the other dining hall is colorful, thoroughly and pleasantly detailed, and bordering on kitsch to the pleasure of foreign guests. Altogether, the authentic Russian style interior is a perfect setting to order an entire feast and indulge in traditional Russian cuisine.

Here you also have a chance to try traditional Russian non-alcoholic beverages…yes, there are other traditional drinks apart from vodka. So have a go at the wide variety of Russian homemade lemonades and Kvas.

 Address: 16 Gagarinskaya Ulitsa
 Hours: Mon-Sun 12 PM – 12 AM
 Menu Preview: Shrimp in raspberry vinegar on dark bread crumbs ≈$15
                                   Baked Yaroslavl chicken ≈$12