This picturesque cafe at Griboyedov Canal is a tropical island jammed into in a concrete courtyard.

Jungle Cafe has immediately become an Instagram hit thanks to its sleek interior and a greenhouse full of live tropical plants. It contrasts so drastically with the often gloomy Saint Petersburg’ weather, that guests come back for another photo at yet another table and totally forget to take pictures of their food!

Russian breakfasts rule the menu and are served all the way utill 6 PM.

Sweet porridges (≈$3) are delicious and feel summery thanks to fruity toppings: rice with oranges, semolina with pineapple, millet with pumpkin, and oatmeal with raisins.

Eggs are served in all kinds of ways, still you can never go wrong with eggs Benedict (≈$6) with smoked salmon, veggies and pungent sauce, served on a fluffy bun.

For a truly Russian taste, order syrniki (≈$5) — cottage cheese fritters garnished with vanilla sour cream and jam. There seems to be an unofficial competition among ladies (and chefs) in Russia for the best syrniki, so it’s guaranteed the chef has been mastering his version of the recipe.

In the evenings, the breakfast place turns boisterous and pulls out a solid wine list. The main menu switches to international and sometimes even tropical.  Asian salad with chicken (≈$5), tuna tartare with lychee (≈$7), scallops with estragon (≈$9), oxtail soup (≈$5), and chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes (≈$6) — all make an appearance.

Although one might think that it’s a touristy cafe near a super-touristy street, Jungle serves delicious food in an eye-candy setup. It’s the perfect place to have a lazy late breakfast while gazing at the winter garden and posting a few «about to become hit» pics on Instagram.

  Address: 18-20 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova
  Hours: 9–12 AM