If you’re into nature, or just had enough of the city bustle and want to change the scenery, make sure to visit the Kaliningrad Botanical Garden. It’s a bit off the standard tourist track, but absolutely worth a visit as it arguably beats the rest of Kaliningrad parks and gardens.

Founded in 1904, it was intended to be a practical botanical “laboratory” for  Konigsberg University students, nowadays belonging to Kaliningrad State University the botanical garden serves students as well. The garden was fully restored after its complete destruction during World War II, and the flora collection was reestablished.

It’s a beautifully planned landscape, with over 2500 plants from Central Europe, Far East, Japan, China and North America. Greenhouses feature more exotic plants, and, of course, spring and summer are the best seasons to visit to see the most plants in bloom.

You can come here to have a peaceful day in the nature, feed the ducks and the cats, and — a tip from locals — order pizza delivery right to the Botanical Garden and throw a picnic. Or book yourself a guided tour and discover the fascinating world of plants up close.

  Address: 12 Lesnaya Str.
  Hours: daily, 10 AM–5 PM
  Price: ≈$2