7 spots with the best panoramic views of Kazan

Kazan is known for its unique blend of Muslim and Christian architecture and makes for a fascinating sight from above. We’ve rounded up 7 of Kazan’s observation spots with the most spectacular views from both sides of the Kazanka river.

Riviera hotel

The incredible waterfront hotel offers an up-close look at the Tatneft Arena, as well as gorgeous views of the city from the observation deck on the 25th floor. You can turn your visit to this hotel into a full day activity, by planning for a few hours in their water park and a dinner in the “Karavella” restaurant located on the pierce by the river. Enjoying the stunning city views from the observation deck — still a cherry on top.

Ferris Wheel in Kyrlay Park

The views from the 55 meter high Ferris Wheel are stunning, but it’s not an attraction for the faint hearted — the cabins are open from the top and it does get windy up there. If you don’t mind some adrenaline though, you can anticipate a thrilling 8 minute ride with a fantastic panorama of Kazan for just ≈$2.5. An extra dollar gets you an ice-cream or cotton candy to turn an observation attraction into a mini trip to childhood. If you want to play longer, head straight to the park after the Ferris Wheel ride and have fun with all the other numerous attractions.

Kazan family center

The 32-meter bowl-shaped building is actually a civil marriage registry office. With couples getting married here all day every day you can imagine the atmosphere around this building is pure joy. You don’t have to attend a wedding to go up to the observation deck and admire the city views, just get a ticket (costs just a dollar) any day except Friday until 7 PM and enjoy the beauty of Kazan and the happiness of the newlyweds.

The Kremlin

The Preobrazhenskaya tower of the Kazan Kremlin may not be the highest observation deck in town, but it does allow to observe the buildings, backyards and rooftops of this historical neighborhood. It’s best to take a guided tour to hear the local stories and legends and get to know all the fascinating historical details, while making your way up the tower’s 43 steep steps. The location is open for visitors every day from 9 AM to 7 PM and the ticket costs less than a dollar.


10 Kreml

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral

Another legacy panoramic location is the Russian Orthodox Epiphany Cathedral with its 63-meter bell tower being one of the tallest Orthodox bell towers in the world. After extensive renovation, the view point at the bell tower opens a scenic view of the adjacent streets, Kaban Lake and Qol Sharif Mosque. The ticket costs ≈$2 and the location is open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM with a 1 hour lunch break from 1 PM to 2 PM.


78/1 Baumana Str.

Grand Hotel Kazan

Located a couple blocks down from the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral, this hotel offers visitors guided tours to their 100-meter-high helipad (when the weather allows for it) for ≈$5. Light breeze, blue sky, a bird’s eye view of all the main areas of the city — pure bliss for panoramic views lovers!

Extra Lounge

This trendy restaurant and lounge with 360 degree panoramic windows sits on the 25th floor of Korston hotel near Gorky Park and offers some eye-candy city views. Add delicious cuisine, original cocktails and a sophisticated ambiance on top and a solid game plan for a night in Kazan becomes obvious.

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Zebra Hostel Kazan
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