The best 5 parks in Kazan

Check out our list of the 5 most beautiful parks for a pleasant day out

Park Gorkogo

Gorky Park

Named ‘Russian Switzerland’ by the locals, this is probably the most beautiful natural landscape in Kazan. Soviet writer Maxim Gorky, who the park is named after, actually lived in Kazan during his teenage years and supposedly walked among these trees. Nowadays, the park is famous for the light and music fountain illuminated by colorful underwater lights. The picturesque hills and linden groves make it perfect for jogging and well organized sports grounds will help you to keep up with your fitness routine.

Park Chyornoye Ozero and Leninsky Garden

Chyornoye Ozero (Black Lake) and the adjacent Leninsky Garden are both historic landmarks and lovely green spaces offering a brief respite from the city buzz. The park has a circle alley that takes you around the Black Lake to the amphitheatre — a popular spot for book fairs and food festivals.

The central alley leads you from the amphitheatre to the Lovers’ Arch, famous for an acoustic phenomenon: if you stand at one side of the arch and whisper, the person standing at the other side will hear you but others won’t. Further, across Lobachevskogo Str., there’s the atmospheric Leninsky Garden that has been preserved very much as it was in 19th century. The 1894 bronze fountain with cupids is the oldest one in Kazan.

Park Pobedy

Victory Park

In Park Pobedy you can explore a solemn WWII memorial and an engaging open-air exhibition of military equipment — howitzers, tanks, warplanes, and helicopters. And by explore we mean touching is very much allowed. The park has an excellent bicycle lane, so rent a bike or bring your longboard and enjoy the outdoors. For a more leisurely activity, take a lazy ride around the pond on a sturdy five-person paddle boat or three-person row-boat. Fees start from ≈4$ per hour.

Park Uritskogo

Uritsky Park

This park is executed on a rather grand scale and is obviously intended for long walks. It boasts scenic birch groves and a peaceful lake. Beautifully forged bridges bestride the dead-end canal. Wedding parties love the boardwalks along the water and put small padlocks in the bridge rails. At the entrance to the park, there’s the WWII memorial commemorating the soldiers who defended their land.

Lyadskoy Garden

The garden is located amidst one of Kazan’s finest historic districts where intellectuals used to live. Writer Leo Tolstoy, opera singer Feodor Chaliapin and futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky definitely took walks along the shady lanes. It’s a classic, harmonious Russian garden, popular with locals for its peaceful atmosphere and scenic splendors. At the entrance you’ll find a monument to Gavrila Derzhavin, the most highly esteemed Russian poet of the 18th century.

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