The best souvenirs from Kazan you can actually wear

For those of you who don’t like to clutter their shelves with memorabilia, but would rather have an apparel item as a souvenir – here are some ideas of what you can get in Kazan and wear later.

Ak Bars and Rubin emblems

This year, the Kazan hockey club “Ak Bars” defeated the Moscow club CSKA and got the highly coveted Gagarin Cup for the third time. So, a green pullover or a scarf with a panther (the team’s emblem) would be a great gift for a hockey lover.

The football club “Rubin” has so far not been as successful. But if you like to collect football branded items, you may like a pillow with a Rubin footballer photo, a mug or a trinket.

Price: ≈$6 – $60

Places to buy: Ak Bars fun shop (71 Ulitsa Karla Marksa)

Rubin fun shop (Stadion Tsentralnyi, 2A Ulitsa Tashajak)


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Tatar boots ichigi or sneakers chuvjaki

Love historical reconstructions? Than buy ichigi for one of your quests. Ichcigi are traditional boots decorated with national Tatar ornaments.

Chuvjaki are hand-made sneakers from natural leather. Their originality and authenticity definitely makes them a better choice than the run of the mill pair of Zara shoes and they cost the same price ≈$259. But be attentive and careful choosing chuvjaki. Don’t buy a freak pair made of faux leather for the same price.

Price: ≈$17 –  $259

Places to buy: giftshops at Ulitsa Baumana “Sahtian” and “Sultan”


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T-shirt with “Tatarland” print from TM “Svjataja”

Can’t get enough of those high quality, white cotton T-shirts? Then get one from Kazan TM “Svjataja”. It’s a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and a nice gift for a friend.  It’ll have no spills and holes for a long-long time. Choose the one with the “Tatarland” print and the Republic’s flag on it.

Price: ≈$21

Places to buy: “Svjataja” (1 Ulitsa Engelsa, office 403)

Trade Center “Mega” (141 Prospekt Pobedy)


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Kukmorskije valenki (felt boots)

Kukmor is a town that is situated 50 kilometers from Kazan. There is a felt manufacture here. It has more than a hundred-year history. During the World War II the factory produced warm clothes for the soldiers. Today, it has a wide selection of products. You can buy winter shoes (felt boots, sneakers,  uggs), felt army boots, vests, blankets, sleeping-bags with fleece and camel-hair. Felt boots can keep your feet warm, but not hot. They are also good at absorbing moisture, while keeping your feet dry. Price: ≈$26 and up

Places to buy: 31/42 Ulitsa Gvardeyskaya

31/6 Ulitsa Moskovskaya

78 Prospekt Pobedy


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Jewellery from Lejsan Khalikova

Rings, earrings and pendants from Lejsan Khalikova are ideal for wearing with traditional Tatar costumes. If you don’t have one, it’s not a problem. You may still wear it with your evening dress to add an oriental charm to your style. Silver or golden chase with a semi-precious stone or a gem will be a good gift to your mother, girlfriend or sister.

Price: ≈$345 and up

Places to buy: f-people concept store (15 Ulitsa Kasatkina).


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“Tatarcha casual” clothes brand

“Tatarcha casual” offers a huge variety of ethnographical clothes and accessories: beginning with an evening, blue floor-length dress and ending with an eco-leather casual backpack. Many things look impressive, and you won’t be sorry experimenting with the stock of clothes. No doubt, you will draw attention in Russia and abroad wearing “Tatarcha casual” brand things.

Price: ≈$2 and up

Places to buy: “Tatarcha casual” shop (20 Ulitsa Kajuma Nasyri, Office 24).


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Sweat-shirt and T-shirt from “Sykhaja Reka” brand

History is not just stories about Lake Kaban treasures and traditional straw shoes in museums. It’s also about the present, and the struggles faced by society. Sweatshirts and T-shirts from “Sykhaja Reka” (“Dry river”) are exactly about it. They have folk place name prints on them like “Teplokontrol”, “Cheshka”, “Sykhaja Reka”.

Price: ≈$34,5

Places to buy: “Syjanie” shop (7 Ulitsa B. Shakhidi)


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Clothes brand “Chukcha”

“Chukcha” is a Kazan brand of sport clothes. Its main “specialty” is sweatshirts. In the beginning, the company produced costumes for skiers and snowboarders. That’s why their clothes have a peculiar cut. Today, the range of clothes is broader.  The producer claims that the main features of the “Chukcha” brand are “simplicity, harmony with nature and yourself, functionality” – everything that describes a real Chukchee man.

Price: ≈$69

Places to buy:


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“Visit Tatarstan”

Visit Tatarstan is a project promoting tourism in Kazan and the Republic. At the information center on Baumana Street you can buy headclothes (or babushkas), suitcase covers, phone cases, pins, socks, etc. with bright national ornaments.

Price: ≈$4 and up

Places to buy: Visit Tatarstan shop (49 Ulitsa Baumana)


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“Mardesign” studio

Mardesign was at the forefront of national Renascence. The studio promoted a style that eventually became fashion.  They unite tradition and modernity and offer flexible vinyl magnets, sweatshirts and gumshoes with Tatar national patterns in modern interpretation.

Price: ≈$1.5 and up

Places to buy: order at


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