8 places in Kazan to have lunch for less than 130 rubles (~$2.2)

$2.2 – this is how much the McDonald’s Big Mac costs in Kazan. In this guide we will talk about 8 diners and cafes, where you can get an entire meal (sometimes a three-course meal) with a drink, for the price of a burger.

The Kind Diner (Dobraya Stolovaya)

The Kind Diner maybe one of the most affordable places in Kazan to have a full meal. They serve an abundance of meals from staple diner soups to fruit salads and cottage cheese with sour cream. The diner is pretty popular, so you might have to join a queue. The interior is plain and basic, nothing fancy. The staple Russian salad “Dressed Herring” is unbelievably tasty and costs only ~$0.45 per serving. The popular affordable meal in Russia is mashed potatoes (~$0.4) with a chicken cutlet (~$0.3), and can be ordered with  a spinach soup (~$0.35) from their spring menu. The menus can be adjusted, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your meals. You can also order to go, which is pretty convenient, when you travel all over the city and need to pack a lunch with you. The Kind Diner have about 14 restaurants all over the city. We picked a number of restaurants, that are close to the city center (all restaurant locations are listed here).

Location: Baumana St., 21; Chistopolskaya St., 61a; Gvardeyskaya St., 35.

Hours: weekdays 7AM – 9PM, weekends 8AM – 8PM


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Chicken Park cafe (Park Coor, sounds like parkour)

This cafe has an American vibe to it and is pretty popular among students. For $2.2 you can go for a beautifully served hot-dog and a cup of coffee. If the hot-dog is not enough, then you can swap the coffee for a steamy cup of chicken broth. Either way the quality of the food is pretty neat and it’s worth checking out.

Location: Universitetskaya St., 7; Sibirsky trakt, 9/5; *Karl Marx St, 65A*

Hours: 10AM − 10PM, *(8AM – 8PM)*


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Nostalgia Cafe

This cafe is the legend of the Kazan food services. For ~$2.2 you can get a chicken calzone with no drink, but you can go a little bit over the set budget and get a glass of juice (~$0.4) to go with it. The recipe for their pizza hasn’t changed in almost 34 years. Many thought that this was because of some special secret ingredient. . It turns out that the recipe is plain and simple: chicken, eggs, cheese, dough and the craftsmanship of the chef. Check out the Nostalgia cafe and dive into the student memories of past generations.

Location: Lobachevskogo St., 4a

Hours: 9AM – 8PM


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Tatmak cafe

Tatmak is a classical Tatar fastfood and is a food Mecca for students and clubgoers. You can choose a chicken WOK for ~$1.5, a cherry pie for ~$0.45 and tea for ~$0.2. The WOK is made right in front of you, which which means it’s fresh and made with care. You can also go on their website and look around, the possibilities are endless! For example, they have a special menu, called “Huge Plate” where they offer a huge plate with a salad, a side dish, meat or mushrooms and a bun for only ~$1.75. The Tatmak Cafe have 7 locations around the city. We have listed several locations, that are close to the city center (all restaurant locations are listed here).

Location: Universitetskaya St., 2/53; Khadi Taktash St., 78/1.

Hours: Around the clock


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Hot Spoon (Goryachaya Lozhka) diner

This ordinary Russian diner has it all, but most importantly, you can have a full meal for just  ~$1.85. For example, you can get a crab salad for ~$0.5, a cutlet with buckwheat and sauce for ~$0.65, ~$0.36 and ~$0.08 respectively, and a kompot (a non alcoholic fruit beverage) for ~$0.25. The atmosphere is nice and cozy with its panoramic windows, weird paintings, wooden furniture, and the staff here are kind and sweet. Everything you need for a peaceful lunchtime to catch your breath after a long walk around the city.

Location: Pushkina St., 3

Hours: 8AM – 9PM


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Alan Ash Cafe

Similar to the Kind Spoon Diner, they serve a variety of homey dishes. A big difference is that you can order half of the portion of every meal here. You can pick a variety of salads from the salad bar, but be precise, 100 grams cost around $0.35. Salad, soup and veggies (no meat sadly) can cost you around $2.2. The portions are hearty and steamy, side dishes include simple ones like mashed potatoes and exotic ones, like black rice, chickpeas, mung beans etc. and chicken soup has actual meat in it, which some affordable places lack. Overall a cute little cafe to have a quick bite and enjoy the local food instead of a burger.

Location: Peterburgskaya St., 14

Hours: 9AM – 9PM


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Sofra Kebab Cafe

The Sofra Kebab is located in the Kazan GUM (shopping center) and they serve classic Turkish dishes, like tasty lentil soup done right for only ~$1.5 with a glass of Ayran (a cold, savory, and salty yogurt-based beverage, perfect for hangovers btw)  for ~$0.6. The soup has no meat in it, which is perfect for vegetarians. If you cannot live a day without meat, you can get a chicken shawarma for ~$1.65. An ideal place to rest after a shopping spree and sample Turkish cuisine.

Location: Baumana St., 51; Chistopolskaya St., 61a

Hours: 10AM – 10PM


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Hanuma Cafe

For ~$2.2 you can have a pretty nice meal, but nothing too fancy. A noodle soup, carrot salad, chicken cutlet with buckwheat and tea – a nice meal, innit? And if you can, try visiting Hanuma during the summer, they open a summer kitchen outdoors and start cooking a delicious authentic Uzbek Plov (made of rice, meat, veggies and spices), that smells totally awesome.

Location: Baumana St., 68

Hours: 8AM – 9PM


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