Where to eat vegetarian food in Kazan

Kazan is definitely a meat eater’s paradise, however, the city still has a lot to offer for those who have decided to refrain from meat and want more variety than bread and buns, veggie pizzas, sandwiches or a Greek salad as the only acceptable alternatives on a menu.


This Indian restaurant has a fantastic choice of authentic vegetarian dishes. The restaurant, led by the Indian chef, will treat you to you black mash dal soup, panir, rajma-masala, rali, alu-palak, sambar, dhal-frai, veggie Kashmir pillaf, samosa plates and many other delicious dishes. The prices here are average, – vegetarian dishes start from ≈$3 for rice with coconut milk or lemon and reach ≈$25 for a vegetarian set, which is more than enough for two. This is the perfect spot for those eager to have a spicier version of a vegetarian meal.


A posh restaurant with large windows and white-gloved waiters, Bourbon is ideal for a special occasion, a pro-matrimonial romantic dinner, a family celebration, an anniversary party and all the special occasions you can think of. Here vegetarians and pescetarians have an opportunity to try innovative approaches to meat-free cuisine, for example, pumpkin cream soup with tom-yam sauce (≈$3.5), or potato gnocchi with mushrooms (≈$4), or Ravioli with cheese and spinach (≈$5.5).


This place, located in Nogai Hotel, is perfect for a weekday vegetarian meal especially if you are not in a hurry since it can be a bit crowded (and noisy) in the evenings. Their special business lunch offers are generous and include nine salads at a price of ≈$1-2, four soups for ≈$1-2, eleven main courses for ≈$2-5 and seven more sandwiches and ciabattas (≈$1-3). Recommended vegetarian options are chucka or eggplant salads, fish cutlet with rice and vegetables, ciabatta with cream cheese, avocado, tomatoes and pesto sauce, and Philadelphia light rolls – all beautifully served on black stone boards.


19 Ulitsa Baumana


A small eatery serving Middle Eastern cuisine, it’s really popular with expatriates, students, young people, synagogue-goers and other members of the public. The menu is based on traditional Syrian dishes adapted to the Russian taste by the chef. The falafel and hummus (≈$2) are worth a specific note. Other recommended vegetarian options are mouttabal, taboule salad, spicy veg soup and non-meat shawarma. The prices are very budget friendly – a solid meal will cost about ≈$5.


Sol is a local’s favorite bar and club. Their chef makes excellent vegetarian dishes that even long-standing meat eaters opt for. Here you’ll find a Greek sandwich with feta and bell pepper, spaghetti with spinach and pine nuts, salad with grilled cheese, mint-spicy couscous with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and arugula, or set vegetarian breakfasts and lunches (the latter, by the way, are available daily until 6 pm). The pricing policy is rather democratic – most vegetarian dishes are around ≈$2-4.

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A place serving Georgian cuisine so famous for meat grills is equally loved by vegetarians too, for its spicy veggie and legume snacks and hearty pastries like the utterly delicious khachapuri with cheese (≈$5). Their mushroom cream soup is the best in town (check with your server, if it’s cooked in vegetable broth, if you are a strict vegetarian). Georgian cuisine boasts a wide selection of vegetarian meals like various aubergine dishes, pkhali with spinach, beets, and beans, gebzalia (suluguni cheese with mint and creamy sauce with spices), and pumpkin cream soup. The prices are quite fair, a vegetarian meal costs ≈$7 on average.


Rolls and sushi are always a welcomed option for vegetarians and pescetarians. Okinawa’s rolls, often served to go or delivered to your office or home, are always fresh and the portions are large. Among the choices are rolls with salmon, shrimp, eel, tuna, avocado, cucumber and sets of fish and seafood rolls. Other vegetarian options like tofu salad are also available, and the prices are are budget friendly – a portion of rolls is between ≈$4-5.


The place is stunningly popular, for it serves the classic Greek salad with really juicy tomatoes, regardless of the season, and traditional gyros with an excellent dzadziki sauce. Vegetarians are welcome to order veggie gyros on pita bread or on a plate (≈$2-2.5).

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