Where to have pizza in Kazan

Pizza has long become a favorite for both adults and children around the world. With such a variety of toppings, you can never be bored with this crispy flatbread. Always a hit – whether at a night out with friends, family gathering or a romantic dinner. Here is our list of the best pizza joints in Kazan.

Ariba Pizza

Ariba Pizza is the largest chain of pizzerias in Kazan. Honoring the history of traditional pizza, the diner strictly follows traditional recipes, while remaining open to gastronomic experiments. Their hits include the Hawaiian pizza with slices of juicy pineapple and the Super Ariba signature pizza with four kinds of meat and sausages. For those who like it hot, the best choice is Pepperoni with their special hot sauce. Apart from pizza they also serve snacks like potato wedges or crispy nuggets.


It’s a chain of eateries popular with both young people and families for its homey atmosphere and great Mediterranean cuisine. Their pizzas, especially classic Carbonara, Pepperoni, Margarita, and Four Cheeses are delicious and are cooked according to the traditional Italian recipe – on a thin crunchy crust. Vegetarians will enjoy the Primaverra pizza with fried vegetables and rucola. A pizza can be always complemented with an Italian salad or a delicious Caesar salad with a juicy chicken breast. Agafredo also serves exclusive Italian Premium Pascucci coffee.

Chipolla Pizza

If you are a fan of thick crust, Chipolla Pizza is your best pick. Your biggest challenge will be choosing a topping, for the list is almost endless. The topping options include vegetables, various types of meat, cheese, and seafood. Their signature recipes are the Margarita and the Meat Feast pizza – the meatiest pizza ever. The place also serves various salads, snack, pasta, sushi rolls, and other fast-food favorites.


PRONTO in Kazan is a part of a large restaurant chain, branched out from Moscow. Serving Italian, European, and Japanese dishes it offers good value for money lunches and dinners. As for pizzas, their choice is so extensive it might take you a while to make up your mind. Their chefs follow classic recipes and are able to please even most conservative fans of Italian cuisine.


Rumyantsev restaurant is famous for its delicious Russian pies and other Russian and European dishes for any occasion, whether just a snack, lunch, or dinner. However they have managed to master the art of pizza making and have an astounding selection – there is a huge variety of toppings, especially for meaty pizzas like Barbecue and Barskaya, and equally great choice of vegetable toppings to please vegetarians.

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