You’ll have no trouble finding a coffee shop making just the right cappuccino in Sochi. But if you happen to find yourself in Adler (an area just outside Sochi), the situation is quite the opposite. Therefore, a legit coffee shop specializing on alternative brews is a true gem to be appreciated by a coffee lover.

Kofeinik’ is translated as the ‘coffee pot’ – seems like a straightforward name, but the idea to make a moka pot the symbol of the house is simply brilliant, because it renders its concept outright. This is the place for real coffee conosseurs. With Chemex, pour-over brewers, siphon coffee makers, French press, and the mentioned moka pots all in use, Kofeinik places an emphasis on alternative coffee drinks prepared from freshly roasted, 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil.

Their delicious homemade waffles are served with maple syrup or cream cheese and salmon. The cherry crumble and gluten-free poppy cake are especially good.  Equally keen on educating the community, this place hosts regular coffee-making and culinary master classes! They teach guests to brew alternative drinks to perfection, bringing the third wave to Adler in full swing.  The informative two-hour master classes include tastings and explain the nuances of coffee from different regions.

Children are very welcome to have fun at the coolest culinary lessons, making chocolate cookies, cinnamon buns, and pizza. The cuisine being mastered changes every month, so little guests get to learn about Russian, Italian, and other culinary traditions. Being genuinely hospitable and passionate about what they they do, Kofeinik can take legit pride in their efforts to promote quality foodstuffs and brews.

Address: 36 Ulitsa Ulyanova, Adler

Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM