In Lambicus you can try an entire line-up of fruit beers. For example — Belgian lambic that’s kept in wine, port or sherry barrels. Wheat beer with apple juice and caramel candy? Sure! (≈5) Kriek with ripe cherries? Here you go! (≈$5) Grapefruit ale? Consider it done (≈$4).

Aside from the fruit beers, Lambicus lists Belgian, British, Scottish and German beers. Altogether they serve over 20 kinds of fruity and traditional brews like English stout (≈$6) and honey porter (≈$4). The menu is updated continuously. Ask the bartender to surprise you, and you’ll be trying something new and different minutes later.

The original beer snack menu offers treats like blue-cheese filled potato balls (≈$7) and home-made sausage with paprika or sundried tomatoes (≈$9), or go for one of their steaks (≈$11 and up). Another special here is an entire line of beer-flavoured desserts — homemade porter ice-cream (≈$5), cherry ale panna cotta (≈$7), and more.


32 Ulitsa Radisheva


Sun–Thu 12 PM–12 AM,
Fri–Sat 12 PM–2 AM

The Magritte-decorated brick walls and lots of dark wood make the place perfect for contemplative sampling of all the exotic brews. Enjoy!

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