Lira is located quite far from the center for the city, the commute will take around half an hour by public transport.

Situated amid private houses and small gardens, this place will tell you the story of how the locals built up their lives along the river banks and how Samara grew from a village into a town. It’s distanced from the noisy street, yet within easy reach of many shops, eateries and other attractions.

The Aurora mall and Victory Park are within walking distance, and it’s easy to hop on to public transportation to explore Samara further.

Lira Hotel in Samara

The mini-hotel offers nine comfortable rooms, each accommodating one to four guests, and they are not meant to be shared by strangers, unlike the hostels. The rooms may be nothing special in terms of interior design, but they are well equipped and spotlessly clean, with modern ensuite bathrooms. Wi-Fi, air conditioning and safes are available in all the rooms.

Standard room

The prices do not include breakfast, however coffee, tea, and sweets are served free of charge. Also, there is a small cafe where you can order a full meal or refreshments.  Lira mini hotel is definitely superior to hostels, which are really meant mostly for sleepovers. If you don’t insist on luxury accommodation, but value privacy and your personal space, this place is perfect for you.

Four guests room

  Address: 51 Ruberoidnaya St.

  Prices: ≈$17-34

  Hours: 24/7