Five different bars integrated in a loft-like 1000m2 space — man cave at its best. Mad Max also boasts a fantastic location in one of the most densely packed restaurant stretches of Saint Petersburg. Its location on Sadovaya Ulitsa, just steps away from the bustle of Nevsky Prospect, makes it an easy stop before or after pretty much any city activity. The stylized steampunk post-apocalyptic interior holds well in the classic Saint Petersburg space with its rust, patina on the mirrors and brick walls. All that accompanied by the sounds of some live rock from the stage. Oh yeah, there’s a terrace too!

Beer dominates the scene, with about three hundred different kinds from all over the world (≈$3-4). There are also 8 original craft beers from their very own brewery, so the product is as fresh as it gets. Don’t think that it’s a paradise for beer lovers only. If beer is not your thing, do not head for the door yet, this bar also offers exclusive spirits, such as rare types of gin and whiskey from Taiwan and Japan. The art of mixology also hasn’t gone unnoticed here –  their original cocktails are bound to surprise you, and if you are not the adventurous type, the classics are also done up to the highest standards.

The range of food choices is a fusion from different cuisines: dorado with risotto (≈$11), sesame soy wok-fried vegetables (≈$4) and mini-burgers (≈$8) have no trouble neighbouring each other on the same menu. While Mad Max doesn’t position itself as a gastronomic bar, the food here is very creative, delicious, and worth your attention.

 Address: 12 Sadovaya Ulitsa
 Hours: Sun-Thu: 12 PM – 12 AM
                    Fri-Sat: 12 PM – 6 AM