Matze is a pioneer of Israeli cuisine in Samara. Once purely vegetarian, it had recently moved to a new bigger location (clearly a sign of success) and added meat to their menu. The new spot has a minimalistic interior with bright sofas and armchairs adding a pop of color and subtle Israeli memorabilia here and there like flags and Hanukkah candle holders.

Matze is especially popular for their selection of Israeli breakfasts. Shakshuka (≈$4) is a permanent fixture, to the complete satisfaction of its many fans, as are other traditional breakfast versions, for example the substantial boker tov matze (≈$5 for eggs, mazal tov salad, tuna, cheese, tahini, natural yogurt, matze or pita).

The meze set is a must if you’re not dining alone — 8 different starters (hummus, minced herring, falafel, babaganoush, mazal tov salad, olives, pickles, hot peppers, matze and pita) for ≈$6. A perfect way to sample everything and whet your appetite.

The homemade desserts — brownies, semolina cake or carrot cake (≈$4) — pair perfectly with non-alcoholic homemade drinks — lemonades, berry or ginger punch (≈$2) or the pomegranate fresh (≈$5), a sip of which will transport you straight to sunny and hospitable Israel.  The coffee here is excellent and the selection is quite diverse, including exotic options like coffee with halvah. If you’re up for adult drink – there is a selection of the German Benediktiner beer, or you can bring your own alcohol for a small corking fee.

The atmosphere in this place is very relaxing, thanks to ambient music playing in the background and their friendly service. The evenings quite often get spiced up with some artistic kick from poetic readings and live mini plays hosted here.

Matze is a perfect place for breakfast or lunch, after all, there is no such thing as a poor Israeli meal.

  Address: 149 Kuybysheva St.
  Hours: 8 AM–11 PM