Mesto co-working

If you need to get some work done while you are in Rostov, go straight to Mesto. An 800 square meter industrial space (ex-tobacco factory) has everything you might need to work remotely: a spacious shared co-working area, private glass-wall mini offices, meeting rooms and all the printing/scanning equipment you might need to use.

Публикация от Mesto (@mestocc)

Публикация от Mesto (@mestocc)

Публикация от Mesto (@mestocc)

They’ve got you covered for work and play. Taking a break from work you can hang out in the improvised coffee shop, have a snack in the kitchen, read a book in the library, lie down in the chill-out zone and just stare at the ceiling, play ping pong or even PS4 .

You can move around and switch zones whenever you want, depending on your current tasks or mood.

Публикация от Mesto (@mestocc)

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Публикация от Mesto (@mestocc)

Mesto is a place for both for working and networking. Friendly atmosphere encourages making new acquaintances, striking conversations, sharing ideas and collaborating. They also hold masterclasses and workshops all the time, making it a hub not only for entrepreneurs, but anyone curious and ambitious.


151 Ulitsa Gorkogo




≈$5 a day

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