A self-guided walking tour around Taganka

Walking is definitely the best and most enjoyable way to explore Moscow. Tour the Taganka area to soak in the atmosphere of the 1950s. This area will give you an insight into the life of Soviet Russia’s elite and even show you the darker side of history, all the way down in the Cold War bunker. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy Russian icon art and have a delicious dinner in a Georgian restaurant. Take the subway to the Taganskaya metro station on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line and start exploring the neighborhood from there.

Afonskoye Podvorye

Afonskoye Podvorye is a Moscow metochion, or mission, of the Saint Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos in Northern Greece. The heart of the mission is the Church of Saint Nicetas, one of the oldest in Moscow (6 Ulitsa Goncharnaya). Chronicles mention its existence as far back as 1476. The current single-dome church dates back to 1595, standing on the older foundations, and the icon screen was created in the 1740s. The medieval appearance and ornately shaped belfry make it a true marvel.

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Museum of Russian Icons

Opened in 2011, the museum exhibits an amazing private collection of the businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Abramov (bld.1, 3 Ulitsa Goncharnaya). Despite the small scale and intimate exposition, the young museum quickly gained wide recognition among scientists and general public alike. It presents about 5000 historically significant artifacts, including Russian icons, early Christian and Byzantine antiquities of the 6th-14th centuries, and treasures of the Ethiopian Christian culture.

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

A Stalinist skyscraper with pseudo-Gothic crowns over its 12-story raised corners and center tower dominates the view over the rivers Moskva and Yauza (1 Kotelnicheskaya Embankment). It was designed as a mini-city within the city, featuring 700 apartments, a post office, a grocery store, a dry cleaner, a bakery and even a movie theatre. You can visit apartment 185 – the Galina Ulanova Museum is the famous ballerina’s apartment, which has remained exactly the same as when she lived there. The Illusion cinema runs art house films and masterworks of the bygone era in the Soviet chic décor.


This fortified underground bunker (11 Pyaty Kotelnichesky Pereulok) was secretly constructed in the 1950s to be used as a shelter for the then Soviet leaders in the event of a nuclear attack. Up until 1986, the bunker remained a classified location. Nowadays, you can descend to the depth of 65 meters and experience the Cold War chill of a true nuclear facility. The Museum gives hour long tours in English twice a day (≈30$).

Where to eat

Georgian restaurant Darbazi (16 Ulitsa Nikoloyamskaya) welcomes guests to two spacious, light-flooded dining rooms, an open kitchen with a painted stove and delicious menu based on old family recipes. This place makes its own cheese, so guests get to experience authentic Georgian flavours. Their kharcho soup of beef, rice, cherry plum purée (≈8$) is reputed to be the best one in Moscow, and once you try khinkali – dumplings with meat or salmon and herbs (≈7$), you will have to stop yourself from licking the plate when you’re done with them. Pair everything with full-bodied Georgian wines like Tsinanadali or Saperavi to celebrate your day.

РЕКОМЕНДАЦИЯ 🍽️ . На неделе посчастливилось обедать в ресторане грузинской кухни – Дарбази, на Николоямской,16 (район Таганки). Будете рядом и голодны , не проходите мимо. . Давно так вкусно не ели👌 . Что брали и очень понравилось: 💥Суп хашлама из баранины (кусок вкуснейшей баранины, настоящая мужская порция, бульон , зелень ) 💥Салат с куриной печенью, просто 💣 , помидоры вкуснее давно не ела… А также фасоль , шпинат , красный лук. 💥Вкусные хинкали, есть и жареные. Интересна история здания. Ресторан расположился в здании старинной усадьбы, на месте которой век назад была конюшня. Но об этом напоминает лишь характерное строение крыши. . . . . #ресторан #дарбази #совет #гдепоесть

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