Moscow’s 7 must visit parks

Gorky Park

It is hands down the most popular park in Moscow, especially after the massive reconstruction it went through in 2011 followed by a thorough development of an entertainment programme to cater to different interests and recreational needs. It is divided into four zones: Parterre, Neskuchny Garden, Muzeon and Vorobyovy Gory.

Parterre has welcomed visitors for over 60 years and acts as a viewing platform. This part of the park houses a famous rosarium and Moscow’s first observatory, and a lecture hall and museum closer to the entrance.

Muzeon is a culturally educational part of the park with hundreds of statues on the premises, a platform for rare movie shows, theatre performances and original music festivals.

Neskuchny garden is a historical part of the park where you can see some historical buildings like the Neskuchny manor, the Hunting House of Trubetskoy (the oldest building in the park), The summer house of count Orlov, Green Theater, Delsal grotto etc. Make sure you bring some nuts with you to feed the ever curious squirrels – some are brave enough to eat off your hands. And if you happen to have some white bread with you, you can make friends with the modest of chickadees.

Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), one of the seven hills of Moscow, was once a separate park, but now is a part of Gorky Park. It is one of the most picturesque places in Moscow due to its location, a stunning view over the city, the backdrop of the Moscow State univercity and it has unique flora and fauna.

The Gorky Park has everything for a fantastic day out, like sports gear rentals and sports grounds, tennis courts, free wi-fi, co-working spots and various tours and quests around the park. In winter the front part of park transforms into the biggest skating rink in Europe.

Hermitage Garden

This recreation spot is one of the oldest in Moscow. The territory is much smaller than that of Gorky Park, but it houses three theaters: the Hermitage, New Opera and Sphera. During the summer you can visit various themed events and during winter the most romantic ice-skating rink in Moscow opens to the public. The park houses a beautiful fountain, an outdoor cinema, garden-cottages, street food stalls, and is home to the super hip and hit 32.05. bar. It is very centrally located, just in between Tverskaya and Tsvetnoi Boulevard metro stations, its a bit of a walk from both, maybe that’s why it never gets too crowded and is always very chilled out.

Tsaritsyno Park

Tsaritsyno is not just a regular park, it is a part of Empress Catherine the Great’s palace ensemble. The estate, that was built for Catherine the Great and her inner circle, became a museum and is open to the public. This historic park itself has a lot of picturesque places, a church, beautiful bridges, three greenhouses, a dancefloor, boat and bus rides, street food etc. The most famous musical fountain is located in Tsaritsyno Park. It is a favorite place of many Muscovites.

Kolomenskoye Village

It is a former royal estate situated on the ancient road leading to the town of Kolomna and one of the oldest places in Moscow, where people lived long before Moscow was founded. The main attraction of the park is the stone Church of the Ascension of the Lord, whose medieval beauty contrasts the modern cityscape. But there is a lot more to see in the park, like various historical wooden buildings, a beer garden, and the reconstruction of the Alexey Mikhailovich castle that will make you feel like you just traveled back in time. The apple trees in Voznesensky Garden, that once provided apples to the Emperor himself, bring redolence during spring-time, shade during summer, and apples and golden leaves during fall. The oaks in the garden are allegedly 400 years old. Many Muscovites come here to marvel at the blooming trees.

Izmailovsky Park

Izmailovsky Park is one of the largest parks in Moscow, it consists of the Izmailovsky forest and Izmailovsky park. It is one of the most environmentally safe parks in Europe. You can hop on the oldest ferris wheel in the city to marvel at the view from above or visit the “Courage Square”, that has an open-air museum of military machinery. This green park also has a small attraction park, several sport gear rentals and sports courts, cafes etc. If you want to explore this park from its “green” side, enter from the “Shosse Entuziastov” metro station, if you wanna start with some landmark sightseeing, enter from “Partizanskaya” station. When visiting this park don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Izmailovsky Kremlin located nearby.

Sokolniki park

It is one of the oldest parks not just in Moscow but in in Europe as a whole. The park got its name from the falconry (sokol in Russian mean falcon), aka the sport of kings, which used to be practiced in the woods that stood in place of this park a long time ago. Nowadays, some people say they saw mooses walking around the park. The park is famous for its beautiful rosarium, an abundance of different types of flowers, that are planted all over the park in the summertime, and also a collection of trees from all over Russia. For the residents and guests of the city, several sports gear rentals and sports courts are available. Beside all that, the park has food stalls, two pools, co-working spots and a mini-zoo. And you can spot a peculiar attraction there, a first in Moscow scale-bench. It will tell you your weight and offer tips on how to get healthier.

Zaryadye park

The latest and most modern addition to Moscow park family, it is also enjoying the most central location – right next to the Kremlin. The territory is rather small but boasts various types of vegetation from different parts of Russia, that are kept in special conditions. The media center offers virtual tours around Moscow and Russia, the black sphere at the entrance offers you an interactive history tour around the park and a view from the “flying bridge” can rival that from Vorobyovy Hills. You can even “taste” the Russian winter by going into the “Ice Cave” or try out the role of a scientist in the “Zapovednoye Posolstvo”. Speaking of tasting, you can literally taste the signature dishes for different regions of Russia in Zaryadye’s upscale food court run by one of Moscow’s star restaurators. The park also houses a futuristic concert hall, that doubles up as an amphitheater.

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