The best places to see the sunrise in Moscow

Watching the sunrise is one of the most inspiring and romantic experiences that we often forget about in the whirl of our everyday life. There is a magic feeling when you see the dawn finally overcoming the night and the sun rays slowly peeping out over the horizon and illuminating the awakening of the big and busy city. We have handpicked the best locations to enjoy the early wake-up, or perhaps, to continue a sleepless night with a sight of the sunrise.

Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills)

This location opens one of the most picturesque and widest panoramas of Moscow at the height of 80 meters above the Moscow River, with highlights like the Moscow City, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Moscow Lomonosov University in the back drop. It’s the best spot to reconcile urban and natural landscapes in the first rays of sun.

Petrovsky Park

Located not far from the Patriarshy ponds, the spacious Petrovsky Park is one of the older city parks, with more than 300 years of history. Back in the early days, it was a popular strolling place for nobles and aristocrats. Today it’s open to the public, who now have a chance to enjoy its age-old trees, cozy glades with benches and flower beds, and unhasty and peaceful atmosphere.

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Chistye Prudy (Clean Ponds)

A popular get-together area for the young crowd, this is also one of the most mysterious spots in Moscow notorious for its mystical and tragic history dating back in the times of Ivan the Terrible, when it was used as a place for execution. Later Prince Alexander Menshikov lived nearby, and with time the ponds gained a special aura, attracting the public with its amazing landscapes and modern infrastructure.

Rostokinsky Aqueduct

An inherent part of the modern Moscow landscape near the Yauza River, the Aqueduct was built in the later part of the 18th century to deliver clean water, after the plague. Today, it is the only surviving aqueduct in the capital and a worthy sight to visit while walking in the park nearby. It’s open for public tours on weekends and holidays.

Old Arbat

It’s perhaps the most famous street in Moscow and definitely a must-see for every tourist. One of the oldest and most aristocratic streets, Old Arbat was first mentioned back in 1565. It housed various military and public service buildings and later residences of the aristocracy, including the Golitsyns, Trubetskoi, Sheremetevs, and Dolgoruky. Here you’ll also find the houses and apartments that belonged to the families of Pushkin, Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, and later Blok, Andrei Bely, Chekhov, Mayakovsky, Eisenstein, Skryabin, and Polenov. In modern times the street became pedestrian, with comfortable paving stones, sidewalks decorated with lanterns and flowerpots, numerous street cafes, kiosks and souvenir shops.

Apple Gardens in Kolominsky Park

Designed back in the 17th century as a fruit and berry garden and a strolling area, nowadays it’s a most pleasant part of Kolominsky Park, with thousands of cherry trees, comfortable walking paths, and endless flower beds with hyacinths, tulips, pansies, and other flowers. The place is hugely popular with photographers, artists, romanticism-hunters and other admirers of natural beauty.

Perlov's tea house
An iconic tea shop with a history
Jimmy Li
Authentic Chinese in every way!
Perlov's tea house
An iconic tea shop with a history
Jimmy Li
Authentic Chinese in every way!
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